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Welcome back, Vampire Diarists. Sure, we haven't been on hiatus or anything, but it's that time of the season where it feels like each of the seven days between new episodes takes three days to pass. "Dangerous Liaisons," is certainly an eye-pleaser of an episode, but the fandom has gone so 'splodey, I'm tempted to ditch recapping it altogether and host a group psychotherapy session. I won't, mainly because I have no clue how to do that. Be ye warned, though, my back is acting up again, so I'm switching back and forth between the narrative and dialogue formats, as suits my mood. Likewise, I float freely between calling our Original Witch things like Mama, Esther (her character name), and Eloise Fricking Hawking. Caveat lector.

We open at the hospital, where Matt and Elena exposit enough to let us know that Alaric is spending a night in the hospital, that Bonnie and Abby are okay and we shouldn't expect to see them, and that Caroline is holding up all right, in wake of her father's death. Someone (or something) is lurking in the shadows, listening to their conversation. At first, I am thrilled, because I figure Mystery Lurker must also be Mystery Attacker, which means I can tell my delusional friend, Erin, that my Pudding Pop Matt can be ruled out as a suspect, but then the next scene makes me far less certain. Darn it. Speaking of the next scene...

Elena: So Matt and I go out to the parking lot. He gets in his truck and drives off, before I'm barely in my car, which...what? I mean, he walked me from Caroline's house to my house, where we found Alaric dying. I killed Alaric to save him. Matt waited with me, for Alaric to come back to life. Then we must have either called an ambulance, or driven Ric to the hospital, so how did we end up with separate cars?

Matt: Right? Not to mention, please know I'm not bragging, but I'm a pretty decent guy. I can't see myself driving off and leaving Elena, of all people, alone in a dark parking lot. I'd at least wait 'til she put her car in gear, and let her exit the lot, first. Heck, considering the last time she entered Gilbert Gables, she found her housemate stabbed nearly to death, I'd probably follow her home and walk her back in, just to make sure the attacker isn't waiting for her.

Hybrid Continuity/Contrivance Demon: Muahahahahaha.

Rebekah: As soon as Matt is gone, Elena starts to back out of her parking spot, so I let her hit me and then Stealth-Salvatore out of view. When she gets out of the car to see what she's hit, I Stealth-Salvatore back up in her grill, grab her and try to bite her, because it really hurt a lot when she daggered me, plus, she totally cheated me out of going to the Homecoming dance with Pudding Pop, and that dagger RUINED my lovely red dress.

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