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Elena: Now you're mad at me for including Stefan?

Damon: No, I'm mad at you, because I love you.

Record Needle: *SCRATCH*

Elena: I'm taken aback by this, but finally say, "Well, maybe that's the problem." Then Damon dials the crazy eyes up from 11 to 22, so I add, "No. That's not what I--"

Damon: I cut her off, because message received. I care too much. I'm a liability. How ironic is that?

Elena: I want to say something, but before I can, Caroline comes up and asks where Matt is.

Recapper: Before we get to the Matt scene, I just want to say that I know this episode discouraged some of the fans who want to see Elena and Damon together. I am one of you. I wouldn't call myself a shipper, because I'm not particularly devoted, but I feel like I've already had enough of the Stefan/Elena love story, for a while. Dobrev and Somerhalder have fantastic chemistry. I want to see more than a kiss on the front porch. That said, one of the reasons why this episode doesn't make me lose heart, is that the argument Damon and Elena just had? That was totally a couple's argument. Okay, let's carry on.

Upstairs, a creepy, supernatural voice whispers Matt's name. Matt follows it out to the balcony, where he meets Kol. Kol feigns civility for a moment, and then starts crushing Matt's hand in his.

Damon: I appear in the doorway, all, "Hey, hey, hey. Easy on the hand. Guy's a quarterback.

Recapper: As I said in the recaplet, Damon picks the sanest times to go crazy, so he shoves Kol off the balcony, then jumps off it, himself, and just pummels the crap out of Kol. I love you, Damon.

Kate Linnea Welsh: The surprising part of that whole thing was that Damon knows what position Matt plays.

Recapper: Right? Anyhow. Stefan runs out, and to give him his due, he looks afraid for Damon's life as he asks him if he's crazy.

Damon: (eyes now dialed up to 33) Maybe a little. Far be it from me to cause a problem. My eyes spin up to 44, and I stagger off, smirking all the way.

Elena and the Originals (not a Motown Group, at least not yet) witness this exchange. We cut to commercial. When we return, we're at Caroline's house. She's leaving Tyler a voicemail which amounts to her saying she appreciates what he's doing, but she misses him and wishes he was back home. I bet she does, because Klaus is totally getting to her. Speaking of, there's another black, velvet jewelry case on her bed, wrapped again, in cream ribbon. When Caroline opens it, though, it does not contain the bracelet, but rather OMGPONIES! I mean. Um. It contains a sketch of Caroline, with a horse. On the bottom, where you might find an artist's signature, instead there is a note: "Thank you for your honesty. Klaus." Oh girl, you'd better run.

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