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Back at Klaus Haus, Eloise Fricking Hawking vents to Elijah about Rebekah and Kol's behavior. Elijah promises it won't happen again and that he'll deal with them. Mama caresses his cheek. "Thank you, Elijah. I wish the others were more like you." Me too, Mama. Me, too. Elijah's face makes it obvious he's mulling this over, even as he leaves the room.

Finn passes Elijah in the doorway to their mother's parlor. Once Finn and Mama are alone, she assures him the sage still burns, so they can speak freely. Mama takes out a piece of parchment and writes her children's names in a Runic script. Finn can tell mother is a bit off kilter, and asks her if she's having second thoughts. Mama's eyes are bright. "Of course not. It's just Elijah. He's so moral." When Finn (who, according to interviews, is the same self-loathing type of vampire that his father was) tells his mother she's doing the right thing, Mama makes it clear that Finn is in on her plan. "You understand what this means, don't you? This spell I'm casting tonight, will bind you all together, as one." Finn says, "I understand. When it is time, I will be ready to die." Eloise Fricking Hawking then says they must complete the link. She rises, picks up a knife, draws it across Finn's palm, and spills his blood all over her parchment. As Mama chants in Latin, the blood spreads from name to name, as we cut to shots of each of the Original spawn. When it's done, it makes a bloody family tree. Eloise Fricking Hawking says, "The link is complete. You are one." The parchment bursts into flames, right atop that lovely table. I wait for Klaus to come in and scream about how he just finished RENOVATING, but he must be too busy drawing Caroline. And ponies.

Elena: Stefan brings me home to Gilbert Gables, even though it seems like I arrived at the ball by myself. Driving would have been pretty awkward, considering the volume of the skirt. Maybe I hired a one-way limo? It's not in the script. Stefan recaps about Esther's plan to kill of the whole family. I fret about how I had to lie right to Elijah's face.

Audience: We kind of hate you for that, Elena!

Stefan: Chill, chicky. You only signed Klaus's death sentence. The rest of them are just collateral damage.

Elena: Ain't no comfort like a Ripper comfort, 'cause a Ripper comfort don't... comfort.

Stefan: Where's your smooching partner, anyhoodle?

Elena: I'll totally call him and let him know I'm home. I'm not heartless, just conflicted.

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