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Rebekah: I show up and warn Caroline that Elena might stab her in the back. Elena blahs something at me, but I really don't care, so I say, "Get over it, Elena. It's not all about you."

Elena Haters: HOORAY!

Rebekah: Excuse me, I'm not done. Anyhow, then I make my way over to that cute Matt Donovan and hand him an invitation to the ball.

Caroline: Okay, I'm totally going, now. When is this shindig?

That evening, the mansion that is Klaus Haus is lit up like it's Christmas, even though, in Mystic Falls, they celebrate no holidays not mandated by the sacred Founders. It's a CULT, is what I'm saying.

Damon: I'm ribbing Carol Lockwood about rubbing elbows with the Originals, when we're interrupted by Kol Mikaelson. I'm all like, "Dude, have we met?"

Kol: And I'm all like, "Did someone say something?" Bahahahaha.

Recapper: And I'm all like, so it's not so much that Klaus redaggered you because he was afraid of you. It's more just like you're a prick.

Damon: Word. Anyhow, I only have a second to be offended, before Elena walks in and takes my breath away.

Fandom: And we only have a second to look at her, before the camera cuts back to Damon, and his expression takes our collective breath away.

Stefan: I get to Elena first, but soon, Damon comes over and tells Elena she's not supposed to be there.

Elena: You're not the BOSS OF ME, DAMON. A beat. Shall we?

Stefan: I offer Elena my right arm. She takes it. Damon offers her his left arm. She takes that, too. Dammit.

Recapper's Husband: Cindy, wouldn't you feel a little weird entering on the arms of two people?

Recapper: Maybe, but were it those two, I'd get over it, right quick.

Recapper's Husband: O rly?

Recapper: Oh, like you wouldn't be strutting around that ball, if you had two women as good looking as Stefan and Damon, on your arms? Please.

Recapper's Husband: Point.

Recapper: What I find more interesting is the boys' rings. Stefan's ring is on his right hand (he offers Elena his right arm). Damon's ring is on his left (he offers Elena his left arm). The shot strikes me, and makes me wonder if the DP or someone planned that, or if Stefan and Damon always wear their rings on those hands.

Recapper's Husband: *Snore*

Caroline: Back at my house, I rifle through my closet to find something to wear. I mean, I'm Miss Mystic Falls. It's not like I don't have gowns. I take out a one-shouldered blue number, but it's nothing like that gown in the box.

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