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And The Black Guy Always Dies

The bench antics come to an abrupt end when Bonnie spies an out-of-place old woman, across the quad. Interestingly, when we look at the quad from Jeremy's point of view, she's not there. He knows something's up, though, and asks Bonnie if she's okay. She lies that she is and rushes off to class, promising to see him tonight. I wonder if he'll travel the few hours back to Mystic Falls, then the few hours back to Whitmore for the party and then the few hours back to Mystic Falls yet again before the day is through. I know, I've got to let this go, but it's just such a rookie mistake that shouldn't be happening on a show in its fifth season. They knew damn well how often they were going to have the characters travel back and forth before word one of the season premiere was scripted.

Anyhow, Bonnie's glorious gams carry her across the quad and toward a somewhat more remote area; at least it's out of Jeremy's eyesight. Bonnie checks over her shoulder to see if she's alone, but when she turns forward again, she's confronted by the old lady who grabs Bonnie's arm and says, "I'm ready." As the woman disappears, Bonnie doubles over and screams in pain.

Meanwhile, Elena is out on the quad now, too. She's on the phone with Damon begging him to come to the party since he had such a "big part" in bringing back her Bonnie to her, to her. When Elena spies Aaron, she asks Damon to wait and runs over to the boy, leaving Damon on the other end of the phone asking, "Who's Aaron?" Elena gives Aaron a flyer for the Bonnie bash, but he's not interested. Elena says she knows he likes to push people away. He wonders how she knows that. Elena says, "Because you told me at the costume ball." Oops. She compelled that conversation out of his head, so now she has to compel this one out, too. I'm not sure if her compulsion extends to her reiterated party invitation, but given the insistent way she words it, I'm going to decide that it does.

Once Aaron is gone, Damon tells Elena that was an embarrassingly close call. "Maybe I should be there so you don't spill all of our secrets and make out with the moody mystery guy." His tone is teasing and light, not jealous and crazy. Still, Elena insists the only moody mystery guy she wants to make out with is Damon. I guess this is one of the two seconds this season she's forgotten about Stefan. Ah, I spoke to soon, because Elena adds, "Oh, speaking of which, invite Stefan." Damon wonders if she's speaking of moody or making out. Elena looks like she can't decide, which of course has been the plot for the last 4+ seasons. It doesn't matter. Damon says, "He won't show. His memory's back and he remembers he hates us." Still, Elena asks Damon to try to get him there. "I brought bourbon so he can just get drunk and hate us from afar." Damon says he'll relay the message.

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