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Death And The Maiden

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Mossy Manse. Elena proposes hiding Amara then all but sings a rousing rendition of "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean." By the time she gets to the "Bring back my Bonnie to me," chorus, Stefan snaps and asks if she hasn't been listening. Silas won't bring back Bonnie. Elena reminds Stefan that he knows her, "...probably better than anyone else." It's curious that the camera doesn't cut to Damon right then. Elena's point is -- does Stefan think there's a chance that Elena will give up on Bonnie. Stefan snarls that he does know her. "You put your hope in all the wrong places and sometimes," he turns his head toward Damon, and adds, " the wrong people." Oh Damon, don't look convicted. Give him some defiant eye-thing or something. Once he's done throwing shade at his big brother, Stefan returns his attention to Elena. "Silas needs to die and put us all out of our misery." Elena says while Silas lives, she'll hold out hope that he'll bring back her Bonnie to her, to her. Stefan says, "Well, as someone who just spent the last three months at the bottom of a quarry because of the guy, I wouldn't hold your breath. Pun intended. Silas needs to die and I need to be the one who kills him. End of story." Stefan I hate you for making me quote all that. Stabby stabby kill kill.

Down in the dungeon, Bonnie and Jeremy watch as Amara strains against her bonds. Jeremy enters the cell bearing a plate of food and tells Amara to relax. Her eyes go wide as she gets a good look at him. "I know you." Jeremy doesn't think so, but Amara insists. "You're the hunter. I never forget a face. But Silas killed you. You're dead." Jeremy: "I was. I came back." Amara asks how, but Jeremy doesn't answer, so she turns to Bonnie. "It was you, wasn't it? You're a witch." Bonnie is shocked that someone else can see her. As the anchor to the other side, Amara says she can see everything. When Bonnie reaches out to touch her, Amara freaks and begs her not to. It's too late, though. Bonnie realizes she can touch Amara. This gives Bonnie an idea.

Upstairs, Jeremy explains that Amara exists on this side and the Other Side. Damon: "Then she's not crazy-crazy. She's just talking to dead supernatural beings roaming around in our basement." The point is that if Silas won't help them, Jeremy and Bonnie are wondering if Bonnie could be the same thing Amara is -- the anchor. Elena realizes there's a chance and all they need is someone who could do that spell. Damon nearly cries, "Oh please don't say who I think you're going to say." That's right -- Qetsiyah has the biggest interest in keeping Amara from dying while she's still the anchor.

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