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Death And The Maiden

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Candlelit Study. I guess. It feels like we're getting a whole lot more of Mossy Manse, this year. I need a floor plan. Katherine, Amara and Elena stand on one side of an occasional table, like the cute little doppelgänger hat trick they are. Q approaches from the other side (I just realized that's a less than innocuous description on this show, so let me be clear -- Q approaches from the other side of the table) and lays a book upon it. Amara asks what it is. Elena says it's Bonnie's grimoire. Apparently, serving as the supernatural tollbooth and ogling Jeremy every time he died didn't give Amara enough time to learn the ways of the moderns, at least not to the extent Q and Silas have. She's all, "Grim... ?" and Katherine is pleased to condescend to her ancient ancestor. "It's a magic spell book. Idiot." Q says it will serve as a talisman that stands in Bonnie's stead.

The witch tells the Ninas, "Hands in, palms up." She slices open Amara's palm first. When the old girl gasps, Q sounds a little too sincere when she says, "I'm sorry, love. Did that hurt?" Amara assures her she's been through worse, and lets her blood drip on the grimoire. When Katherine extends her hand, she warns Q to be careful. "I'm fragile these days." Kiki ends up grabbing the blade and drawing her hand down it. She grunts and also spills her blood upon Bonnie's open book. Finally, it is Elena's turn. And it's nice, for once, to see her not be the damsel -- the weakest in the room. She's sort of Katherine-y as she endures a rather strong puncture delivered by Q. And no, Elena can't help but smirk at Katherine, but if you were in her shoes, could you? While Elena bleeds onto the pages with a smile on her face, Katherine chides her as a "Show off." This might be Elena's best day, ever. Q has no time for cat fights. She begins to chant. The drops of blood form a line and draw a mystical symbol. Bonnie appears between Elena and Amara and watches her ancestor chant to change her destiny. The candles are extinguished. One of the Ninas asks if the spell is done. Q says it isn't. The lights blow. A window opens. They girls are under attack from Silas. Q figures it out, first. She orders him to show himself, but the bastard magics us right into a commercial break.

Damon enters with a flashlight and reports the lights are out throughout the house. He's the first to notice Crazypants is missing. Elena looks around and realizes someone else is missing. "Where's the other crazy?"

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