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Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Chicago, Gloria's Bar and Midwestern Torture Emporium: Gloria blathers on about how impressed she is by Stefan's discipline. As she continues to torture him, she asks him questions like, "Who's the girl with the necklace" and "Do you love her?" Stefan flashes on visions of him and Elena in happier times. Gloria can see these images and goes on about how he would do anything for her, and that he has. She adds, "A lot of darkness. A lot of guilt. All to keep her away from Klaus, but why would he be interested in one girl?" Stefan's voice is nearly gone as he pleads with Gloria not to do this. Finally, Gloria learns that Elena is the doppelganger, and that she's supposed to be dead. "That's why Klaus can't make hybrids, isn't it." Gloria's laughter is interrupted by a familiar voice saying, "This is creepy." It's the Queen of Creepy, herself -- Katherine! Kiki plunges a dagger into Gloria's neck and ding dong, yet another black witch on this show is dead. She then looks down at suffering Stefan and says, "Maybe you do need my help, after all," because she wouldn't be Katherine if she wasn't rubbing it in.

Lockwood Mansion: Elena is telling Caroline that Stefan never told her anything about the necklace, when Alaric runs into them and asks if it's time to go. Elena agrees and then asks where Damon is. Caroline says, "Probably out somewhere doing bad things to good people." Hee. She adds, "Consider me the honesty police." Caroline's smile evaporates when she spies Bill talking to other party guests. When Elena asks her what's wrong, she says, "It's my dad." Elena asks why he'd even show up there. Caroline can't deal and Elena gets it, so Caroline makes a speedy exit. Alaric asks what that was all about. If he gets an answer, we don't hear it.

Damon catches up to Elena and Alaric at the door and says he's been busy managing Bill Forbes. "Apparently he's impervious to compulsion." Alaric: "How?" Damon: "I have no idea, but he threatened to 'out' me. Don't get me started on the irony of that." I've noticed some more objections out there in Fandomland, to the way the show plays with parallels between vampirism and homosexuality. I understand. They do it with addicts, too. (Oh and please, please know -- I am neither comparing nor equating addiction with sexuality.) I hope I don't upset you when I confess this doesn't bother me. To me, exploring similar elements is not the same as equating. Saying, "Some of X circumstances are akin to Y circumstances," is not (to me) the same as saying X people are Y, i.e. it's not saying X people are the moral equivalent of monsters or vampires. I don't know. I appreciate the storytelling device, but I am sorry it's upsetting people. This sort of TV should be fun. I hope it gets better for you, and I hope the story develops in a way that you can appreciate. Let's start a new paragraph.

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