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Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Chicago, Gloria's Bar: As Stefan and Katherine clean up Gloria's remains and the rest of the bar, Katherine says, "I've been thinking about your diabolical plan." I'm just going to quote her, to simple things up. "You must know that Klaus is too paranoid to ever fully trust you, but the sister? She loves you like it was yesterday. She's the easier mark. But, you can't just pretend to care, because Klaus will know better. So, you do the opposite. You bond with him -- make her feel left out. That'll only make her want you more." Stefan: "Oh, so you mean I'm uh... taking a page out of the Katherine Pierce playbook?" Katherine doesn't engage. "The only question is why, Stefan. I mean I get it. You want to keep Klaus away from Mystic Falls, but what else do you expect to get from him?" Stefan tries to put her off, but Kiki reminds him she just saved his life. Finally, he fesses up. "Okay, I knew them, back in the 20s. They were running from someone -- someone who scared them." Katherine says this must be the hunter she heard of, centuries ago. Stefan: "Don't you want to know why an Original Vampire, who can't be killed -- is afraid of a vampire hunter?" Is this the Original Slayer? [You rang? -- Buffy] [Buffy, you are not the Original Slayer. You're the Ultimate Slayer. --Cindy] Anyhoodle, Katherine tells Stefan that if he's planning to make a move against Klaus, she wants in. Stefan laughs and tells her it's good to want things. He then slings Gloria's canvas wrapped corpse over his shoulder, and adds, "Katherine, I'm in this alone. If you're looking for a diabolical partner in crime, I suggest you look elsewhere." Well, sheesh, Stefan. Why didn't you just over-night her to Damon?

Lockwood Mansion: After football practice, Tyler makes his way upstairs to his room, and is pleasantly surprised to see Caroline waiting for him. She's mostly there to hide out from her Dastardly Daddy, though. When Tyler suggests he could beat him up, Caroline eagerly agrees, but then backtracks, because all else aside, Bill is her father. Tyler pulls Caroline's head to his chest and she sinks into his embrace for a second but then reels back. "God, you reek!" Ty's all, "What? No. This? This is sexy." Caroline: "No, it's really bad." They kiss and things quickly heat up. Caroline pulls off his shirt, bless. It's not long before she's straddling him, but then her phone rings. She answers it saying, "I'm only answering in case it's a friend emergency." Elena is still standing outside, in front of the Lockwood mansion, just behind Alaric's corpse. "It's an emergency."

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