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Mystic Falls, Mossy Manse: Damon mixes up two glasses of something lemony looking. Is that a Tom Collins? Whatevs. He sips one and brings the other to Alaric's corpse, which is resting on the chesterfield. He jiggles the glass next to Alaric's ear and sing-songs, "Wake up." Alaric resurrects with a gasp and jumps to sitting position as he tries to start breathing again. Damon sits and hands him his drink. "Wow. Took a bit longer than usual, huh?" Hee. I love how he has JUST KILLED ALARIC, and now he's talking like Alaric just has a hangover, for which he -- DAMON -- is at no fault, whatsoever. "You might want to get that ring checked. I hope it's not going bad." Why, Evil Pixie Monster. Do you plan to kill your only friend on an even more regular basis? Alaric is right there with you. "You killed me!" Damon: "You pissed me off." Alaric: "YOU KILLED ME!" Damon takes a sip of his drink. "Ric, no hard feelings, all right? I was on a bit of a tear. Everyone was trying to tell me how to behave." You mean like...not killing your best friend? Alaric straightens up on the couch. "Well maybe they finally realized you're just a dick." Damon winces at that, which cracks me right up. Kill your BFF? Mix him a drink and wait for it to pass. Hear your BFF call you a dick -- and your boo boo kitty feelings get all bruised and broken. Engage your head, Damon! No, no, no. Not that one. The big one that lives north of your shoulders. Atta boy.

Downtown Mystic Falls, Exterior: Elena is walking down the street with Caroline who is all "I'm not going to say I told you so," while being exactly all I told you so. When Elena says, "Okay, you and Damon were both right. I was trying to change him. But if he wants to be in my life..." It's then that Caroline cuts her off. "Wait. I. Huh. It's been a long week, so I'm just going to be blunt. It doesn't matter what he does. Damon's gotten under your skin." Elena: "That's not true." Caroline: "Just admit it, Elena. Okay? You are attracted to him, in all of his bad brother glory." When Elena says, "No," Caroline asks, "Wait. 'No' you're not attracted to him, or 'no' you just won't admit it?" Elena sounds choked up. "I can't, Caroline. If I admit it. If..." She sighs and her voice drops to a near whisper. "If I even thought it for just a second... what does that say about me?" Caroline shakes her head. "It says you're human, Elena." It's then that Caroline's humanity comes back to haunt her in the form of her Dastardly Daddy, walking down the sidewalk.

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