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Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Chicago: Stefan catches up with Katherine and reminds her that if Klaus finds out where she is, he will kill her. Katherine teases, "Happy to know you still care." She then gets straight to her point: Klaus is looking for the very necklace that is resting comfortably around Elena's slender throat. Once Kiki convinces Stefan to tell her what he's up to, he says, "They don't know where the necklace is. I just have to keep them from figuring it out."

Is evil a known eyebrow thickener, because the way Stefan's look in this scene -- it seems to me the best place to hide the necklace would be right at the bottom of his broody little forehead. Don't get me wrong. Paul Wesley is a great looking man. Maybe it's just camera angle, because his brows have never jumped out at me like this before. Thank goodness this isn't in 3-D, because I'm rather ticklish.

Anyhow, Katherine says, "Please tell me you have a better plan than that. You do." Then she says, "Come on, Stefan, you're not the diabolical type." Well wait, which is it? Either way, I've always thought Stefan was the scarier of our beautiful Brothers Salvatore. He sure is working those eyebrows of diabolicality (is too a word). Kiki says whatever he's planning, it isn't going to work -- because if you want support, don't count on Katherine; buy a good bra. Stefan figures if the most diabolical woman he knows can't figure it out, he must be doing something right. She warns him not to get too cocky, because Klaus is smarter than everyone, including him. As Stefan walks off, Katherine swipes the foreshadowing fairy's wings right off Rebekah's now under-clothed back and adds, "But I've heard about that sister. Be careful. She'll ruin you." More than you already did, when you came between him and his brother and turned them both into monsters? Stefan's cooler than I am, so he just turns to face her and flings her earlier taunt right back. "Happy to know you still care."

Mystic Falls, Gilbert Gables: We open on a peacefully slumbering Jeremy. The camera follows him as he rolls over to reveal Anna is lying right next to him. When she says his name, he wakes with a start. While Anna is insisting that Jeremy confirm he can hear her, Jeremy is chiding Anna for warning him not to trust Vicki and then just disappearing for days. He finally says, "Yeah, I can hear you, all right. What the hell?" Anna says she's been trying to get him to hear her for days. She can't figure out why he can hear her now. Jeremy confesses he was dreaming about her. When he says he can't believe she's actually there, Anna smiles and says, "I'm here." My daughter, bless, already considers Jeremy guilty of emotional infidelity, based on just this scene alone. Ah to be young and far less corrupt!

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