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Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Chicago, Gloria's Bar: Eyes closed, and still holding Rebekah's hand, Gloria chants in what sounds like Latin.

Mystic Falls, Gilbert Gables: Bonnie asks for the necklace. Elena holds it up and Bonnie takes a good look. We cut from Bonnie to Gloria to the necklace to Stefan, and back to Bonnie. When she reaches out to take the necklace from Elena, it shocks her. She lets go as Elena drops the necklace to the counter.

Chicago, Gloria's Bar: Gloria drops Rebekah's hand, opens her eyes and looks at Stefan with eyes that say, Oh boy you've totally known where this damned thing is, the whole time. With her mouth, she simply says, "I found it." Commercial.

Chicago, Gloria's Bar: Rebekah wants to know where the necklace is. Gloria says, "It doesn't work like that, doll. I get images. There's a girl, with her friends." Rebekah nods. "Yes, a dead girl, with dead friends, if I don't get my necklace back." Gloria says she'll have to dive back in to get the details. Klaus takes the seat next to "his" witch. "So dive." Gloria says, "I need more time." A beat. "And space." She waves her hand at Klaus. "You're harshing my Ju-Ju." When Klaus says they can wait, Gloria says, "I'm sure you can, but that's not what I asked." Stefan, who has been watching intently, recognizes his cue. He approaches Klaus and leans over his shoulder. "Hey, you know, why don't we just come back later? I'm hungry, anyway. I'll let you pick who we eat." Rebekah and Klaus exchange an opaque glance, smile, and follow Stefan out of the bar. Gloria is not sorry to see the tail end of the fang gang.

Mystic Falls, Lockwood Mansion, Exterior: The grounds are full of picnic tables with red and white checked table clothes, topped with pretty red shade umbrellas, and tons of people. Yeah, this is a potluck. I admit I am nitpicking here, but the potluck aspect of this event o'the week seems but a contrivance conceived so that Damon could tease Elena about chili and her cooking, he and Elena could flirt, Alaric could notice them flirting, and Bonnie and Caroline could make all sorts of cooking innuendo. There. I feel better. Let's start a new paragraph.

Mystic Falls, Lockwood Mansion, Exterior: Bonnie joins Elena and Caroline on benches set off a bit from the party. She's found an identification spell that might tell her what magic is affecting the necklace. She opens her grimoire on her lap and says, "It's going to take a while, so tell me if anyone's coming." Caroline, seated next to Bonnie, turns her attention to Elena, who is alone on an adjacent bench. "So you're not like... switching Salvatores, are you?" Elena's eyes bug out. "What?!" Bonnie tries to hush Caroline, but there is no Ju-Ju that strong. Care Bear tells Bonnie to stay focused on her magic and then starts in on Elena again. "As your friend, who worries for you daily, what is the deal with you and Damon?" Okay, Show, please approach the bench...

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