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In the buffet line, Damon examines the umpteen crocks of chili lying on the table. Hee. Okay, I know I said I don't like that this is a potluck, but since it is a potluck, I can still enjoy the chili chiding, right? There are little cards next to each crock: Lockwood Family Chili; Gilbert Family Chili; Fell Family Chili. Damon grimaces as he reads them and then turns to Alaric. "I'm gonna let you in on a little secret, Ric. Founders parties are just an excuse for the Council to gather in back rooms and plot against vampires." Alaric follows Damon away from the food and says, "Hey uh, I think you need to take a beat, with Elena." Damon's all, "Excuse me?" Alaric: "Whatever it is you two have going on, I think it's a bad idea." Damon: "I don't really think it's your problem, Ric." Alaric: "It is my problem. I'm supposed to look after her and this is me doing that." Damon asks, "What do you think I'm doing?" Alaric's voice grows stern. "What I think is -- you need to take a beat." Damon, who looks a little hurt that his only real friend is calling him out like this, searches Alaric's face, but doesn't reply. They're interrupted by Liz, who tells him the Mayor has just called a Council meeting. Damon follows Liz and shoots a dirty look at Alaric, for good measure. Now, Alaric's comment to Damon was also out of the blue, but I'm not calling the show for another sidebar, because Alaric has witnessed the vibe between Damon and Elena, more than once. He's also doing a great job of integrating heart and head, here. He and Damon have grown to be friends of a sort, but once Alaric got over his not-fitting-in crisis a couple of weeks ago, and decided he does belong with the Gilberts, he threw his heart right into it, and his head is following suit.

Chicago: While Klaus and Stefan are still feeding on their latest victims, Rebekah announces, "My girl's dead. I'm bored." Klaus takes a breath to note that the still feasting Stefan wasn't kidding about being hungry. When Stefan says, "It's been a long day," Klaus laughs, nods towards Rebekah and cracks, "Try being related to her." He laughs when his sister tells him he's being mean. Stefan laughs, so she turns to him. "And why are you being mean? You used to love me." Klaus says, "It's been 90 years, Rebekah. Give him a minute." I wonder if she even knows Klaus is holding Stefan against his will. Rebekah asks Klaus why he's taking Stefan's side. Klaus: "Because, my dear sister, I feel pity for any man who doesn't give you what you want." Rebekah raises her voice. "Would you stop making me out to be a brat? I. Am. Not. A. Brat." Becky, that could have only been less convincing if you'd stomped your feet while saying it. Klaus agrees with me, but then Stefan tells him, "Well, you're no picnic, either. I mean, I've only spent one summer with you, and I feel like I want to blow my head off." I wish he and Klaus would wipe the blood off their mouths. It's making me a little woozy. Rebekah laughs at Stefan's Klaus-zing and pronounces it, "Fantastic." Stefan then puts down his victim, FINALLY WIPES his mouth, and says, "I need to go." Once he's off, Rebekah asks Klaus where Stefan is going. Klaus says, "To write a name on the wall. It's a long story."

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