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We return from the commercial break to find Gloria has stripped Stefan of his shirt, because she's a good witch like that, even if she's a bad witch in other ways. Among those other ways is torture. She's places Stefan under a paralysis spell. She has him strapped to a table right in the middle of her bar, and a million candles burn around them. As she slices his wrists, Gloria says, "You know, witches nowadays -- they're into that New Age stuff, but I'm a little more old school Voodoo. She takes out some metal um... thingies and inserts them inside Stefan's wound to, "Stop that pesky healing." Gloria is hardcore. Between screams, Stefan says he won't tell Gloria anything. She says he doesn't have to. As his blood drips from his wrists into a pseudo chalice below, Gloria says his essence will let her make a connection. She has herbs, too, including every vampire's favorite -- vervain. And, okay? Why isn't Stefan taking his daily dose of vervain to help him better resist it when it is used against him. I thought he and Damon learned that lesson from Kiki last season. Maybe Klaus has him on too short of a leash. Gloria rubs her hands with vervain and applies them to Stefan's chest. As his flesh sizzles, Stefan screams.

Mystic Falls, Lockwood Mansion, Council Meeting: Liz tells the Council that there have been no incidents of question since Spring. Carol asks Damon if he has anything to add, but Damon says Liz covered everything. Carol dismisses them and thanks everyone for coming. Only she, Liz and Damon remain in the study, when Bill shows up and asks them if they think everyone on the Council is clueless or just stupid. Their jaws hit the floor and we cut to...

Gilbert Gables: Bonnie and Jeremy are in his room doing some research on Elena's necklace. Germ suggests she ask the dead witches she was channeling at the end of last season, but Bonnie explains that they cut her off, as a consequence of messing with the balance of nature when she brought Jeremy back to life. And thank goodness for that. If she's too powerful, there's no tension to the show. She apologizes for not telling Jeremy sooner. She did tell Elena, but she didn't want to make Jeremy feel weird about it. Jeremy's guilt over his secret contact with Anna's ghost is clearly at play when he over-emphasizes that Bonnie has nothing for which to apologize. Bonnie tells him Elena says he's been having a hard time of it, but Jeremy pooh-poohs that idea and changes the subject back to their research, far too quickly. When he takes a huge grimoire into his lap and picks up Elena's necklace with his other hand, Anna appears behind Bonnie and says, "Jeremy. The darkness. It's here." She disappears, and all the grimoires burst into flames, including the one in Jeremy's lap. Bonnie magically exterminates the fire and Jeremy asks her what the hell just happened. Bonnie: "I have no idea." Well come on, Germ. You have at least an inkling.

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