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Anyhow, Stefan didn't follow Damon's corsage advice. Instead, he's brought Elena a single white rose (and some greenery). It's more like a boutonniere to be honest, but it's the perfect complement to Elena's costume and Stefan doesn't stab her booby, so yay! Before they leave, Stefan wonders if Elena's truly up for another big night, given their history of dangerous dance karma. Elena says even getting out of bed is dangerous. "We have to live our lives." Stefan: "Who gave you that horrible advice?" Elena: "Some guy I used to date said it once or twice." See what I mean? I want to smish these two. Smish smish smish!

Dance. Bonnie's there with Jamie. And hey, he's not her brother. He's not even her step-brother. Heck, we don't know how long he's even been in Abby's life, but we know Abby hasn't been in Bonnie's life for 15 years and now she's left Jamie's life too. I understand if/that some of you would have a personal standard that would deem Jamie off limits to you and that's your right. But? This isn't incest. It's not even in the neighborhood. These two have no blood relationship, didn't grow up together and have only known each other for about 5 minutes. Yeah, okay, new paragraph.

Caroline looks stunning in red and my Pudding Pop, Matt, is positively adorable in his period costume. When Caroline gets him alone, she wastes no time in reminding him that while he's been hanging with Elena a lot, the lady is pretty much otherwise spoken for no matter which way you slice it. Matt reminds Caroline that Elena is his friend. Caroline understands that. She just can't help but look out for him, because sometimes the people who love Elena get caught in the crossfire. She's not wrong, but she's kind of pissing me off, because isn't Elena one of her best friends? Didn't Elena stand by Caroline when even Bonnie wouldn't speak to her? I don't know. That just seemed against the Friend Code to me, even though I appreciate the motivation of keeping my Pudding Pop safe. Now I'm starting to worry that it's foreshadowing something HORRIBLE will to happen to Matt before season's end and it's making me sick to my stomach, so I'm going to stop talking about it.

Look, there's Tyler, looking dapper in his 1920s Gangster get-up. Caroline freaks that he's there, because she's concerned that Klaus will learn Tyler is back in Mystic Falls. Tyler: "What's he going to do -- draw you another picture?" Heh. He assures her he can fake the sire bond if Klaus shows up. Caroline tells Tyler not to be jealous, but he is jealous. "I am also competitive." He teases that he's going to sweep her off her feet and then physically does just that, which makes me forget all about the secret Matt/Caroline 'shipping I was doing just a moment ago. This show is just so... look, something SHINY!

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