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When Stefan and Elena arrive at the dance, she asks him to teach her some 1920s dance moves. He begs off, claiming that he was blacked-out for most of the decade. Elena's not buying his excuse. Soon enough, the music turns slow ("You Do Something to Me"). As the erstwhile lovers dance, Stefan catches sight of Bonnie with Jamie and notes to Elena how happy her friend looks. Elena maintains that Bonnie is trying, but Stefan had better not expect any forgiveness in the near future. When Elena tries to tell Stefan about her kissing Damon during their trip, Stefan shushes her. He says if he and Elena ever find their way back to each other, then she can tell him whatever she wants. Right now, he's just honored to be her date." Aww. And enter Damon. "We three need to talk."

Jeremy notices the beautiful Brothers Salvatore and their girlfriend leaving the gym, so he starts after them. Making his way across the crowded dance floor, he accidentally bumps into Jamie and Bonnie. There's an uncomfortable moment and then Bonnie asks Jeremy why he's still wearing his ring, saving me from having to go all side-bar heavy again, this week. Jeremy says he knows all about Alaric's psycho killer alter-ego, but he's going to keep wearing the ring, as long as big sister keeps hanging with vampires. When he leaves, Jeremy asks Bonnie if the Germ is her ex. When Bonnie admits he is, Jamie cracks that that wasn't at all awkward. Poor noodle. I hate to see Bonnie alone, but you should really run back to wherever you came from, Jamie. Like now.

Damon updates Stefan and Elena on Evilaric. Stefan suggests the get Ric off vervain and compels him, thereby saving me from yet another sidebar salvo. Damon wonders how that would work. Would they just compel Evilaric to pretend to be Alaric. He maintains their friend is gone. He not only hates vampires, he also hates vampire sympathizers so Elena will be a prime target. Damon suggests putting Alaric out of his misery, just about the time Jeremy shows up. Germ is appalled and yells, "NO!" Damon argues that this is what the real Alaric would want. He'd consider it a mercy killing. Elena tries to calm everyone down, but when Jeremy storms off she follows after him.

Jeremy's outside the school, when Elena finally catches up with him. He needlessly reminds big sister of how good Alaric has been to them. Elena says no one will hurt Alaric, which isn't really in her control but there ya go. It's not long before Esther arrives on the scene. She orders Elena to come with her and points out she can force the issue, if Elena won't come willingly. Elena tells Jeremy to run and tell Stefan and Damon. When Germ returns with Stefan and Damon, Elena and Esther are gone. Jeremy keeps running, but Stefan and Damon hit a mystical barrier. They look down to see the entire school is surrounded by a thick ring of salt. Stefan (I think) blathers that it's the binding agent for Esther's spell. They're trapped. And? Sidebar.

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