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Salty Sidebar: I'm just going to get this off my chest, right now. Some human (or witchy human) should have just frigging tried to break the salt line and see if that freed the supernaturals from their makeshift magical prison. I understand the goal -- the supernaturals cannot come to Elena's rescue this time. Fine. Try to break the circle. When it doesn't undo the spell, come up with some crap about how after the spell is cast, it doesn't matter if the binding agent is disturbed. To find time for this, cut down on 30 seconds of dancing. Done.

Jamie and Bonnie retire to a classroom (probably Ric's). They flirt and discuss Bonnie's friends, whom she claims mean everything to her. I guess that's true, but I think her friend list is somewhat shorter than it used to be. Jamie's having a little hard time getting used to the idea of all the different sorts of supernaturals in Bonnie's circle. Jamie says, "I'm just a normal guy." Foreshadowing? Bonnie disagrees, as no normal guy would date her. I would argue that's not true, but so far canon is on her side. Anyhow, they soon start making out, but before Bonnie can wrap her leg all the way around Jamie, Damon arrives like a bucket of ice water. "I'm sorry to spoil your seven minutes in heaven. We have a problem."

Esther leads Elena and her mystical doppelganger blood to the Salvatore crypt. She blathers about how she's going to tap into dark magic one last time, so that she can make Alaric indestructible just like her children. He will be a true hunter, like Mikael the Vampire-Vampire Slayer (MtVVS) was. As the vampire to end all vampires, his hatred will grow purer and more uncompromising. Elena points out that when Esther makes Originals, it doesn't ever end well. Esther remembers history, but is doomed and determined to repeat it anyhow. Elena says that Esther doesn't know him -- hatred is not all there is to Ric/Esther's plans could fail. Esther says that each time Ric died, she got to know him on the Other Side. Each death brought him closer to his true self. She's reveling in her vengeance-gasm is what I'm saying.

MFHS Dance. Klaus cuts in on Tyler and Caroline. Tyler is either great at pretending he still feels the thrall of his sire's bond, or else he really is still under said thrall. We're supposed to think the former, which is what makes me think the latter. Anyhow, Caroline gives Klaus crap about always acting like the alpha male. He reminds her that's exactly what he is, then tells her he's leaving town tomorrow. He would invite her to come with him, but she's not ready. He hopes she will be in a year or a century. He still wants to show her all the world has to offer, and knows that eventually a small town boy and small town life will not be enough for her. Caroline does her best to ignore him, but I do think she wonders a little about the truth in pitch.

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