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We cut to outside the school. Klaus is leaving a voicemail for Rebekah, when he slams into the magical boundary. No, he doesn't think of grabbing a human and asking him or her to break the salt line either. Stefan shows up and tells Klaus his mommy is back.

Inside the school, Bonnie chants. Klaus complains. Matt arrives and notes that humans can come and go as they please. Jeremy says he and Matt can save Elena. Stefan points out that would be a suicide mission. Still, no one suggests perhaps a human could break the salt line and free the supers. Klaus gets impatient with Bonnie and threatens Jamie's life with a trademarked Vampire Diaries throttle. Stefan lays some knowledge from the Bonnie FAQ right on Klaus. She doesn't give a damn what happens to most of the fang gang, provided those she cares about (like Caroline and Tyler) are safe. If Klaus starts killing the people Bonnie cares about -- like Jamie -- she'll tell them all to go to Hell. Klaus backs off. We cut to the...

Salvatore Crypt. Esther makes some magic. Evilaric blathers contemptuously at Elena and claims that Jenna's blood is on his hands. Esther magically removes some of Elena's magically doppelganger blood from her hand and drops it in the magical bowl. Despite Elena's protests, Evilaric drinks, then Esther stakes him with the new, improved and now Indestructo-Son of White Oak stake. Commercial.

MFHS. Bonnie grabs a map. She's going to do a locator spell. Damon brings her a vial of Jeremy's (willingly donated) blood to bind the spell. Klaus stands by and observes. Bonnie is not crazy about having Klaus and Damon lurking while she does the spell. Damon cuts to the chase. She hates him because he turned Abby, but turning Abby was his only way to save Elena's life. He had no choice. Bonnie says there's always a choice. I wonder how she'll feel about that next week, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Klaus suddenly becomes the voice of reason. Bonnie starts her spell, but Esther is blocking her. Klaus says there's no way Esther has that much power. She's channeling something. Bonnie offers: "A hot spot." Klaus tells her to get the "humans" ready. He knows where mommy is.

In the gym, Stefan tells Caroline and Tyler that they've figured out Esther has Elena at the old cemetery. Jeremy and Matt are off to save her. Caroline flips that only the humans are going. Stefan reminds her that since they're trapped there, they have no other choice. Where's Bonnie with her "choice" comment, now? Caroline assures Stefan that Elena will be fine -- she always is. She's a little meow-y about Elena this week. I think she's been reading our boards too much. Stefan just wonders what Esther is up to. It's got to have something to do with Original killing, since she made sure Klaus would be at the dance. Tyler knows this all means Klaus could get killed and he'll die along with him. Stefan tells Tyler no one's going to die and says Bonnie's still looking for a boundary spell loophole.

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