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Once Caroline is alone with Tyler, she starts on about their best case scenario. Tyler doesn't care what scenario is involved even if it means he dies, provided Caroline lives. Caroline keeps drinking the B positive. Tyler is angry and hates that Klaus danced with her. Caroline reminds him that he can't let Klaus know he's no longer under the thrall of the sire bond, which makes me again wonder if Tyler is still under the thrall of the sire bond. Anyhow, Caroline tells Tyler it doesn't matter how many times she dances with Klaus, its Tyler she loves. They kiss.

Crypt. A tearful Elena gasps as she pulls the stake out of Ric's chest. Esther blahs about how he'll wake soon and may be his old self for a little while, until he fully transitions. This will give Elena and Alaric a chance to say their goodbyes. Elena tells Esther that while Esther claims she wants to undo the evil she's done, this is just as evil. I concur, Elena. Esther says Alaric will never be what her children became. She's granted him only enough power to kill off her spawn. Then he'll die. Elena asks how that's possible. Esther pretty much tells her not to worry her pretty little head about it. What matters is that all vampires will be gone. Elena argues this will kill the good along with the bad, which means she's no better than Klaus. Esther plays the Jenna card. Elena's all like don't even, bitch. Esther does, though. She tells Elena that while Jenna was a vampire when she died, she remained pure. So today, she is in a peaceful place and not the same torturous corner of the Other Side where Esther rotted for a thousand years. Just then, the ladies hear a noise so Esther heads outside the crypt.

It's Team Human to the rescue. Matt has a gun. Germ has a crossbow. They're pointing their weapons at Esther, because they too don't know the Evil that is Eloise Hawking. When Elena hears her brother, she rushes outside. Jeremy tells Esther to let Elena go. Esther tells the boys they're foolish to risk their lives in defense of those who would kill them, but I'm pretty sure Matt and Jeremy are only risking their lives in defense of Elena and possibly Alaric. Neither of these two cares if the whole Fang Gang drops dead, even the so-called "good" ones. She magically causes the boys to train their weapons on each other. They can't drop them. Elena screams at Esther to stop it. And then? Alaric runs out of the crypt and stakes Esther with the new and improved, now Indestructo-Son of White Oak Stake. Patent pending. Ding dong, the witch is probably mostly dead. Alaric is disoriented. He asks where his ring is and what happened. Elena tries not to cry as we cut to commercial.

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