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Be Still And Know I Am...

Klaus undaggers Rebekah and then gloats over Esther's corpse. He'll build an army. She watches from the Other Side. I'm sorry. I just can't care about this right now, with Alaric getting up to DYING in the Salvatore crypt.

Jamie brings Bonnie home. He comforts her and thanks her for saving her life. She tries to be lighthearted as she says, "Apparently, it's what I do." Jamie thinks she's pretty amazing. Bonnie wishes she was ordinary. Jamie knows Bonnie's dad doesn't exist is out of town, so he asks if she minds being alone. She does. He takes her in his arms. We cut to the...

Mystic Grill. Matt pours out two shots. He raises his glass and says, "Mr. Saltzman." Jeremy adds, "Alaric." The clink glasses and down their shots in a way that would make Ric and his enlarged liver proud. A single, manly tear rolls down Jeremy's cheek. He swats it away. It is immediately replaced with another single, manly tear. Even Dean Winchester would be impressed.

MFHS. Elena frantically packs up Alaric's stuff. She doesn't want some janitor coming across all this evidence that he was a vampire slayer. Stefan tries to calm her down, but Elena is at the end of her rope. She and Jeremy again have no one to take care of them and they've lost yet another friend. Stefan leads Elena into the empty gym. He reminds her it was there that Klaus compelled him to turn off his feelings. After he bit Elena he never again wanted to feel anything. Someone kept telling him it was okay to feel, no matter how much it hurt, that good or bad -- it is our emotions that make us human and that we should never lose hope. Echoing Stefan's earlier words to her, Elena says, "Who gave you that horrible advice?" Stefan smiles. "Some girl I used to date." Their sad laughs are mooted by tears. Elena cries that she doesn't have anyone, anymore. Stefan: "You have me." Yeah, 'til you start ripping people up and putting them back together, Stefan. I'm sorry. This is a beautiful scene. I'm just a little emotional right now. Anyhow, they hug, because it's that kind of night.

Crypt, Exterior. Mere exits the crypt and tells Damon she's administered a sedative to Ric. Damon is holding the new and improved Indestructo-Son of White Oak stake. He mentions that he offered to snap Ric's neck and put him out of his misery, but Ric wasn't up for it. Mere's all, this surprises you? Damon says Ric is so used to it, he thought he might prefer that to dragging it out. Then he says something about controversial choices, but I can't even. At any rate, the whole point of this scene is for Mere to convince Damon to go sit with Alaric as he dies. She does.

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