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Cure Bore Galore
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We open on Craphole Island Down East. It's day. Hunter Vaughn (Twilight's Charlie Bewley) has Damon tied to a tree in a jungle of mystery. The vervain soaked ropes are burning our Evil Pixie monster, but when Vaughn asks if something is bothering him, Damon is all would you believe mosquitos? Vaughn: "How does it feel when a relentless feeding machine is draining the blood from your veins?" Damon: "Itchy." Is it wrong that I keep imagining a reporter asking Julie Plec this same question in re: fandom? Oh wait, this is The Vampire Diaries, the home office of Moral Relativism. There is no wrong; there is only Zuul. Or Silas. Or Klaus. Or Elena. Or Damon. Or The Cure.

During their banter, Vaughn makes it clear that he can identify the members of the Fellowship of the Falls. He also reveals his hunter's mark, which magically completed just three days prior. Damon: "Come on, man. Do I look like I know anything about tattoos? Look at my skin. It's flawless." Vaughn grows tired of their conversation, and decides to introduce himself while shoving a hot poker into Damon's neck, as a way of encouraging the vampire to start giving up some intel. It is ridiculous to me that Vaughn is able to overcome his desire to kill vampires, since it took Shane's mind-games to teach Jeremy to do so. I could be wrong, but I'm starting to suspect that Vaughn is either working with or has been tracking Katherine, who SPOILER appears later in the hour and tries her best to make us all feel better about Season Bore. The way the episode plays out, it seems like he's not working with Katherine, but this show always finds a way to surprise it, so I wouldn't put it beyond them. We cut to the...

Beach. With Stefan and Rebekah nearby, Elena makes a call to Caroline, and updates her on the fact that Jeremy and Bonnie have gone missing and Professor Shady Shane is certainly to blame. She also tells Caroline that Damon is missing. Elena thought he was just off pouting, but down at the beach, they found signs of a struggle, which seems really weird, since didn't Vaughn snap Damon's neck back in the forest? I am not even going back to check, to because that last episode was so dark (visually). Anyhow, Elena wants Caroline's help. They have the photos of Jeremy's tattoos, which is terribly convenient given that Bonnie took them, and it would seem most likely that she took them on her own phone, which I don't remember her ditching before she cast the Locator Spell. Why am I bothering with details anymore? Why? It's a sickness, that's why. Anyhow Elena, Stefan and Rebekah need help translating the map. This is where Caroline can help, because Klaus has a hunter's sword which should be able to help with that very thing.

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