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Cure Bore Galore

Craphole, Down East. Beach. Rebekah is playing with her phone, when she isn't glaring at Elena and Stefan who are having a little chat. Elena is upset that everyone is in danger on her behalf. Stefan assures her people want to be there -- not just for her, but for themselves, too. Talk turns to Stefan's desire to take the cure. When he talks about the misery and guilt, Elena says she understands why he wants to take it, she is just wondering why he never told her.

Recapper: Because you were sleeping with his brother.

Stefan: Because it had nothing to do with you.

Recapper: Oh, that's even better, Stefan. You take the reins.

Stefan: You know how much I wanted a human life with you. To be human myself. Normal. That's something I wanted since long before I met you.

Recapper: That's it. I'm taking back the reins. I thought you were going to keep snarking her, not smother her with drivel.

Elena: I'm glad you told me.

Recapper: Of course you are, because then it makes it ever more about you.

Stefan: What's a deeply buried personal secret between friends?

Elena: Between friends. I like that.

Recapper: Give me strength.

Rebekah: Did you see her put her hand on Stefan's hand?

Recapper: I did, but I'm trying to compel us both to forget it, Becks.

Rebekah: Thank you.

We cut to the woods, where Vaughn is taking his new pet for a walk. I know the ropes are soaked in vervain, but since Damon has to feel the pain of them on his neck, it bothers me that he doesn't at least try to endure the burn he'd feel in his hands and rip the suckers off. And what's up with the rope around his right (on our left) wrist? He could fit three hands through that. He doesn't even have to struggle to get that one off. He just has to stop holding his hands in that verklempt maiden auntie position, and it will fall off. I could think of a million ways he could try to escape Vaughn, right now. I'd say that perhaps we're supposed to decide Damon is playing along with Vaughn for a reason, but it's like Vaughn isn't even trying.

Damon: Where are we even going?

Vaughn: Are you new? To find Silas and The Bore. You're my leverage. I'll use you to force Bonnie to open the crypt passage for me.

Damon: You think I'm leverage over Bonnie? Good thing vampires can't die of laughter. Besides, Bonnie will open it without leverage. We just want the cure, then we'll get out of your hair.

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