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Cure Bore Galore

Vaughn: Does this dumb ass think there's an infinite supply of the cure?

Recapper: They all do, Vaughn.

Back at Gilbert Gables, there's tattoo decryption afoot. Caroline reviews her note cards.

Caroline: The passage inside requires a young senator and a pretty flower.

Recapper: The etymology of senator indicates the word originates with the Latin senex, which means old man. So they need a young old man and a pretty flower. Well hell, they need Damon, then.

Back on the island, Vaughn explains that he has to cram the cure down Silas's throat in order to kill him. Damon wonders what that has to do with them. Meanwhile back at Gilbert Gables, Klaus translates and explains that the spell requires a powerful witch and a hunter in full bloom. So Bonnie's an old man and Germ is a pretty flower? That makes more sense than it ought. There are a lot of jumps back and forth. It all boils down to this. There is only one dose of the The Bore. I feel so validated. Commercial.

Jeremy's waiting at the bottom of the well. When Bonnie descends, she falls and cuts her hand, so there are going to be hallucinations for Bonnie, then. Shane isn't down there, yet, so Jeremy asks what Bonnie is going to do to keep Shane from getting to Silas. She asks him to trust her that she won't let that happen.

Jeremy: Yeah, but like your magic gets all out of control and only Shane can help.

Bonnie: Pshaw. If Shane tries to hurt either of us, I'll kill him myself. Now let's walk by my spilled blood on the floor one more time, and let's get a shot of it dripping through the ground, down onto Silas's desiccated corpse. Are we quite clear what's going on, here?

Dead and Buried Audience Members: Even we are quite clear.

Caroline calls Rebekah and tells her they're emailing her pictures of the map and instructions.

Rebekah: Thanks.

Klaus: Actually it was me.

Rebekah: Get out of here.

Klaus: I mean it.

Rebekah: So do I.

Klaus: No really. No more fooling. No more games. I hope you get to live and die as you wish. There is one more thing though, there's only one dose. You need to find it first and take it. It's the only way you'll...

Tyler: *cuts off the call*

Back in the woods, Vaughn and Damon play the poor woman's Locke and Boone. Well, wait. Maybe they play the poor woman's Locke and the rich woman's Boone, because Damon is 10 times more compelling (sorry) than Boone ever dreamt of being. Damon admits that while he can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to be a vampire, his friends want The Bore, and he wants them to have it. What he wants to know is why Vaughn bothered to save Jeremy and Elena from the bowman. Vaughn denies involvement. Just then, they stumble across the corpse of Manwitch. Oh sure, he sustained a telling neck wound, but we all know he's dead from exposure to the Nova Scotia elements, in frigging December or January, or whenever this is. Both Vaughn and Damon deny killing Manwitch, which we know is true.

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