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Cure Bore Galore

Damon: I'm going to kill you, get the cure and give it to the girl I love.

Vaughn: Your attachment to your friends will be the end of you.

Damon: You don't know my friends.


Rebekah: I'm here!

Damon: You don't know my enemies, either.

Back outside, Elena reacts to the news that there's only one dose of the cure.

Elena: I can't take it, when everyone else deserves it as much as I do.


Elena: Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Even if I could be human again, I wouldn't be the person I was. It's about time to accept the person I am now, and figure out a way to start living the rest of my life.

Recapper: Amen.

Stefan: The rest of your life, sired to Damon.

Recapper: Sigh.

Elena: I'll figure that out when I get home, where OMG, Klaus is. Bonnie's spell won't last forever.

Stefan: Indeed, it will wear off at the worst possible moment for the most possible victims.

Elena: Pity party over.

Audience: Don't tease.

Gilbert Gables. Tyler is understandably chagrinned that, by telling Rebekah there's only one dose of the cure, Klaus has managed not only to probably win back baby sister, but also to ensure the Fellowship won't ram the cure down his throat.

Tyler: I have to get out of town.

Caroline: Haven't we already done that? Let me talk to Klaus. I'm not going to say goodbye to you again. Let me fix this.

Back in the cave, Vaughn uses all sorts of nifty vampire killing (and Original injuring) toys on Damon and Rebekah, but when he hears Stefan and Elena enter, Vaughn rappels down into the well. Blessed commercial.

While Stefan frees Damon from Vaughn's latest trap, and Rebekah is still disabled by the sort of wooden grenade that went off in her torso, Stefan tells Elena she has to go. There's no time to delay. The boys will be right behind her.

Down below, Bonnie laughs that the newbie hunter and the witch who needs adult supervision are the ones to have made it thus far. They're uncertain as to which way to go, until Bonnie spots Grams. Jeremy can't see Grams and interrupts Bonnie's apology to Grams to ask what's going on, but Bonnie ignores him, because Grams is extolling the virtues of Silas, who she says will bring her back to life -- for good. Now, I'm calling her "Grams," but we all saw Bonnie spill her blood earlier this episode, so you're all clear that this is a Silas sponsored illusion, right?

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