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The Secret Policeman's Other Ball

Mayoral Mansion/Founders Party: Tyler and his parents greet their long line of guests on the front steps, and conveniently invite them into their home, ensuring Damon and Stefan easy access. When Ty spies Vicki waiting in line (dressed up like a proper young lady, too), he rushes to greet her with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, but then steers her around back, explaining that the line is too long. Mama Mulva looks on this scene with unveiled contempt.

Mossy Manse: Zach apologizes that Damon didn't fall for the Vervain Mickey. Stefan planned on that failure, to lower Damon's guard. "He won't expect me to try so soon," which is great, because Zach hands him a vial of liquidized Vervain, which he notes is twice as concentrated as what Stefan slipped in the scotch.

Gilbert Gables: As she finishes getting ready for the party, Elena's...wait a gosh darned minute. Is that a BumpIt in her hair? I do believe it is. Great, now I'm thinking about Sarah Palin. I watch these shows so I can forget about stuff like that there. Sheesh. Anyhow, Elena's eyes fall on the pocket watch. She pauses for a moment, then takes it back to Germ's room and lays it on the desk in front of him. He's wearing his headphones, and doesn't look at her until she leaves the room. Once she closes his door, Germ picks up the watch, and opens it. His eyes fill with tears, so he clicks it shut.

Mayoral Mansion: Mama Mulva receives Caroline and Damon and handily invites them in. After Damon's over the threshold, he says, "Lovely to meet you. I've been looking forward to this party for...quite a while." She tells them to "enjoy" and leaves them. She also leaves me wondering how Damon and Mulva would do as a match. They have a lot in common -- age, beauty, and tiny, hard, cold hearts. When Caroline spots the sheriff (from the newscast) talking to a minister, she tells Damon, "Wait here," so he walks right away. The sheriff is Caroline's mom, whom Caroline berates for not changing out of uniform for the party. She's-the-Sheriff points out that she's working this gig, and wants to know who the date is that Caroline just tried to sneak past her nose -- noting he looks a little long in the teeth. (Sorry.) Caroline tells her mother she wouldn't approve of anyone and we leave this loving pair for a moment, to watch the Mayor invite Stefan and Elena into the house. Once we're over that hurdle, we return to the ladies. She's-the-Sheriff says, "Where's your dad?" Caroline says, "Memphis. When her mom says that's good, Caroline snits over her shoulder, "With Stephen," and sashays off. Looks like Caroline might have two daddies, and her one mommy is not happy about that at all.

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