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The Secret Policeman's Other Ball

Back Lawn: Ty and Vicki sit alone on a white, wrought iron bench. It seems we're to believe they've been there for hours. Ty won't dance or show Vicki around, so she suggests she strip naked and give "Pastor Bill" a lap dance. No, really. She accuses him of being scared of how she'll act and worrying what his parents will think of his girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Tyler sneers that he doesn't care what they think, but when Vicki tries to drag him to say hello, he won't budge. Their argument is interrupted by none other than Mama Mulva, who smiles while she asks Vicki if my Pudding Pop is her brother. Mama Mulva then says, "You'll have to forgive my son's rudeness. He gets it from his father." Vicki says, "That's all right, Mrs. Lockwood. Tyler and I were just saying goodnight." She's polite enough about it, until she spits out Tyler's name. Tyler looks sad as he watches Vicki walk away. Over his shoulder, his mother hisses, "That's what you get when you bring the trash into the party," then slithers away. Ty doesn't look in his mom's direction until her slime trail has dried up, and then it's only a second before his eyes return to Vicki's retreating form.

Party; Interior: Bonnie's sitting alone, when the candle on her table goes out. She leans down and stares at it, until it reignites. Brow furrowed, she quickly blows it back out, and we cut to...

Damon and Elena find Caroline and Stefan. Stefan actually smirks as he offers his brother a drink, and shrugs when he refuses. Elena asks her date if he has another dance left in him. He does, so they make their way to the dance floor. With genuine affection in her eyes, Caroline comments that the two look so cute together. Damon bites, "Don't talk, please." The light leaves Caroline's eyes as she sips her champagne.

Aunt Jenna approaches the bar only to find Scum there. He tries to banter with her again, but she tells him she's over that. Scum then apologizes to Jenna for her recent loss. He came to the funeral, which Jenna noticed at the time. Once he learned she was staying in Mystic Falls, he hoped for a second chance to make things right. Jenna glares. "Her name was Monica...wasn't it?" For a second, I think she means her sister, but I remember her name was Miranda, and then I remember Logan is a scum bum. So does Jenna, so she walks away.

Dance Floor: Elena and Stefan dance to Matt Nathanson's "All We Are" -- a beautiful song which has been playing for approximately the last 947 scenes. Stefan hopes Damon didn't drive Elena too crazy. She says he was on his best behavior, even apologizing. "He even explained why he is the way he is." When Stefan doesn't take the bait, she dangles some more. "It all goes back to...Katherine." Stefan nods, which doesn't satisfy Elena, so she rubs his arm as she tells him to tell her about Katherine and what happened. Stefan says he doesn't like to talk about it, but Elena says it's only fair considering how much of her drama he's been privy to. Finally, Stefan says, "Um, thank you." Elena comes right out with it. She doesn't know a lot about him and wants him to open up to her. Stefan changes the subject to Damon, who he just knows said something. "He likes games and cause trouble, Elena." Elena's like a dog with a bone and says this isn't about Damon. She just wants to get to know Stefan. When Stefan tells her to let it go and that he doesn't want to talk about it, Elena insists that he tells her something. Stefan tries to point out that Damon has set up this tension. Elena says, "Well, I guess it's working," and storms off. Damon and Stefan lock eyes across the dance floor and we cut to commercial.

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