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The Secret Policeman's Other Ball

Gilbert Gables: Germ is sitting alone playing video games, because I've grounded him until he apologizes to my Pudding Pop. He greets the sound of his doorbell with rolling eyes, and is shocked to see Vicki standing on his stoop. He tells her she looks "amazing," and asks what she's doing there. Vicki says, "I was thinking maybe I could make one more wrong choice, today." Germ smiles, because he doesn't realize that's Girl for, "I'm using you as a salve on my wounded ego." Vicki's smile grows. "I still have 17 minutes." At first I take that as dig on his prowess, then I realize he's a teenaged boy, and then I realize all she meant is that there's 17 minutes left to today. She crosses the threshold, grabs his head in her hands, and gives him a big smooch. They stop for a moment to look at each other, then pick right back up where they left off. We leave them while Jeremy is trying to close the door without breaking their clinch.

Exterior; Party: Caroline struggles to break free of Damon's grip and tries desperately to explain that Elena just took off her scarf before Caroline could stop her. "I swear, okay, that I did not tell her. I just told her that you didn't mean to hurt me." Damon stifles a grimace, and puts his hand on her shoulder. He then walks around her and embraces her from behind -- kissing the top of her head. He whispers in her ear, "You make me crazy, you know that?" Caroline starts to catch her breath. Damon says, "I forgive you," and shushes any further explanations from her. He kisses her neck and just as she closes her eyes, he says, "Unfortunately, I am so..." he kisses her shoulder. "...Over you, now." Caroline's eyes start to open, but the full meaning of his words doesn't reach her thrall-addled brain, at least not until after he sinks his fangs into her neck. As he drains her, he lowers her body to the ground, but then he chokes and stands up. His voice is hoarse. "What the Hell?" He falls, right beside his victim. Stefan walks across the lawn to where the two lay. Damon's still semi-conscious as Stefan says, "I knew I couldn't spike your drink, so I spiked hers." Yes, yes, I'm quite sure we got that. Damon groans and passes out. Stefan kneels beside his brother, and whoooosh! They're gone.

Caroline wakes, all alone on the lawn, which is better than being dead. She finds Damon's crystal and as she's rising to her feet, Elena calls out her name. Elena asks what happened to her. Caroline stifles a cry and hyperventilates as she claims to be fine. Elena notices she's shaking. She holds a sobbing Caroline in her arms and we cut to...

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