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Look, no scene-by-scene account is going to do this episode justice, because these scenes must be seen. You've watched it. I've watched it. I'm still freaking out; so are you. We're freaking because when it premiered, we thought we were going to watch this show to point and mock, but ended up falling madly in love with it because it is awesomesauce. Now we're going to be in torturous withdrawal (like Stefan coming off human blood levels of badness) until September. Let's just admit it and get this show on the road.

It's FINALLY Founder's Day, so there's a parade. Mama Mulva is ordering everyone around, and Stefan's looking particularly dashing in his period duds, but the Evil Pixie Monster steals the show, once again. Damon, dressed all in black (modern street clothes), approaches Stefan. "Look at you, all retro." Stefan smirks and asks what he's doing there. Damon: "Bonnie deactivated the Gilbert invention; Isobel's gone; and it's Founder's Day." A beat. "I'm here to eat cotton candy and steal your girl." Woooo! Chekhov's gun is cocked and cocky.

When Stefan tells Damon not to start with him, their conversation devolves into You started it/No, YOU started it nonsense. Oh you boys. Finally, Damon: "I get it. I get it. I'm the better, hotter, superior choice, and you're scared -- now that Katherine's out of the picture -- that I'm going to turn all my attention to Elena, but don't worry. Elena is not Katherine." Stefan is steely. "You're right. She's not." Oh my word, how did I not see the end coming when I watched this the first time? I must have been blinded by the pretty, as are our fair Brothers Salvatore -- when Elena shows up in all her hoop-skirted finery, looking just like Volde-vamp. She curtsies as her swains swoon (although clearly she looks far too much like Katherine for either of them).

Theme Song!

Gilbert Gables: Anna shows up as Germ is dressing for the parade. They're a duo so darling, so dear, and so very, very doomed. Their talk turns to Uncle Snark killing Pearl. The Germ says he's not defending him, but he kind of is when he explains that Snark is just trying to protect the town from the Revenge of the Refugee Tomb Vampires. Like her mother before her, Anna doesn't want revenge; she just wants a life. She's going to leave town and invites Germ to go with her. She gives him a vial of her blood and tempts him to turn, explaining that as a vampire, he'll have the power to turn off his emotions. Germ wanted to, but now doesn't think he can. As he explains himself to Anna, she disappears.

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