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Hospital: Ty finds Matt in the waiting room and apologizes for the accident. He doesn't know what happened. Matt's near tears as he tells him it's okay. "She'll be all right." It's not long before Liz meets up with the boys and tells them Caroline is headed into surgery to repair some internal bleeding. When Matt is looking for reassurances that Caroline will be okay, all Liz can say is that the doctors will do everything they can. She then realizes Tyler's there and asks him if he talked to his mom. He left her a message telling her where he'd be, but he hasn't talked to her directly, no. Liz: "You need to call her." Ty: "What is it?" Liz: "It's your dad." And dammit, we cut away before we get confirmation that Lockwood is dead. Right now, I'm leaning toward him being actually and truly dead. I'm thinking that when the life went out of him, his wolfiness flowed into Tyler and that's how he woke up at the accident scene. Caroline's collapse was just a consequence of the car crash, and not mystical. I'm sure I'll change my mind every five minutes for the next FOUR MONTHS, though. Sigh.

Gilbert Gables: Jeremy carries his vial of Anna's blood into the bathroom. He downs it in one shot and then dump Elena's entire bottle of acetaminophen and oxycodone out onto the counter. He looks at himself in the mirror as he raises a pill to his mouth. Commercial.

Sidebar: Okay, maybe he will turn, maybe he won't. I'm thinking he will, and most of me wants him to. But those pills were prescribed on 5/24/2009 and it looks like the expiration date is 5/11 (no year is listed, but a year is typical for prescription medications). Now, most pills are still good or goodish after their expiration date, but wouldn't it be a bit of a hoot if emo boy tried to kill/vamp himself and failed? I'm mean, aren't I? I'm sorry. I love the Germ. I just find all his angst more palatable if I mock it, even when it moves me.

Grill; Exterior: Bonnie's waiting outside when Stefan exits. I really have a hard time buying that he doesn't see Elena home. I mean, I know she doesn't want him hovering and protecting her all the time, but on a night like this, it's just difficult for me to swallow. Anyhow, Bonnie tells Stefan that Elena's her best friend and, because Elena loves him, Bonnie couldn't let him or Damon die in that fire. Stefan's grateful and hopes she knows that. Bonnie nods. "I do. But I hope you know things have to change. Damon has to change." Stefan agrees. "We both want the same thing." Bonnie scoffs, because he doesn't quite get where she's coming from, or how fast she's traveling. "We both want to protect the people we care about. The difference is -- for you -- Damon is one of them. You saw what I was able to do, tonight. I know who I am now. And if Damon spills so much as one drop of innocent blood? I'll take him down. Even if I have to take you with him." Stefan knows she means business, because she's so like him -- scary and deadly serious. He neither tries to change her mind nor buckles under the weight of her threats. "Let's hope it doesn't come to that." Bonnie stands her ground. "Let's hope it doesn't." She leaves him there and sashays off into the night. Awesome.

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