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Porch: Just then, the real Elena arrives at home. She's chatting on her cell phone with Stefan, telling him that someone swiped her clothes from the school. "I'm just going to check on Jeremy before I go to the hospital. Can you meet me there... Okay... I love you, Stefan." When she gets inside, she calls for Jeremy, not realizing that baby brother has decided to take the plunge to the dark side. And Jenna is -- AWOL. Apparently, she hasn't heard Snark's screams, nor Real Elena's return. Elena is about to head upstairs when she hears the ruckus emanating from the kitchen. She goes to investigate and leaves us hanging for the entire summer. Arrrrgh!

Well, everybody, I could go on and on, but that's not going to bring the show back any sooner. Let me just note, because there's been some confusion -- the only time we were looking at Katherine was during the kiss scene and the finger-chopping scene. The rest of the time, Elena was Elena. I wish Elena had been the one to hear Damon's confession on the porch, but I'm glad it's Katherine that kissed him. Sort of. I'm naughty, I know, but don't you agree the kiss was just a little bit sexier when it was WRONG WRONG WRONG? Oh, well.

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