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Founders Finale Finally

Tomb Refugee Headquarters: Some nameless boy vamp lays out the plan for the Revenge of the Refugee Tomb Vampires No-Star Revue: Go to the nighttime Founder's Day events, blend in, and once the fireworks start? Show time. It's then that a visitor arrives. Nameless: "Anna, what are you doing here?" No way is she in so wounded over the Germ not immediately turning that she'd betray him like that. He's her weakness. She's a spy, I say, and good on her.

After the parade, the young 'uns decamp to the Grill. Damon's already there when Elena shows up. He says he likes her better in her street clothes -- the period look doesn't suit her. She asks if that's an insult, but he assures her it's a compliment of the highest order. It's also wrong. Nina Dobrev is so beautiful she could work even the proverbial potato sack to her advantage, but all that finery looked mighty fine on her. That said, I get what he means and believe he means what he's saying. She's gotten to him. He's starting to understand not only that Elena is no Katherine, but that that's a good thing.

Elena changes the subject to Stefan. She knows he's worried about her friendship with Damon. When Damon smiles, his eyes go all Evil Pixie Teaser. "Did he mention something to you, too?" Elena: "No, did he mention something to you?" Damon lies poorly, but I think that's his intention. "No." Eye-thing. "Nothing worth repeating." Sly grin and more eyes. Elena's serious. "I think you should stop with the flirty little comments and that..." (Elena, I think the term you're looking for is "eye-thing" -- trust me, I'm a writer.) "...eye-thing that you do." Oh my word, a TV character finally listened to me. I've got to go write this in my diary. BRB .

Damon: "What eye-thing?" He, of course, then over-does the eye thing. Elena tilts her head all the one you're doing right now. Damon chuckles and eye-things some more. She pokes him in the chest. "Don't make me regret being your friend." He immediately drops the flirting and the playful eye-thing, but he's still Damon, so he's still got those eyes and the thing they're doing now, although not intentional, is even more effective. Lawdy! Bring me my smelling salts, Aunt Pittypat. Once Elena knows he reads her loud and clear, she moves on to...

The Germ. He's sitting alone when his sister approaches. Damon of course turns on his vamponic hearing, so he doesn't miss a thing. Elena doesn't believe the siblings can't repair their relationship. She lied and she was wrong, but they have to fix things. "Just tell me what it is I have to do." Germ: "You can go to Hell, Elena." He leaves the Grill in a stupendous snit. Damon waits a moment and follows him...

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