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Founders Finale Finally

Outside. Damon (mockingly): "I have so many emotions, but I don't have any way to express them. Being a teenager's sooo hard." Love him. I wonder if I can hire him to mock my kids. Germ: "Dick." Damon: "You do not talk to me like that. I am not your sister." Then he grabs Germ's arm. "And from now on? Don't talk to your sister that way, either." Germ: "So what -- you gonna kill me just 'cause I hurt Elena's feelings?" Damon: "Cut her some slack." Germ: "She erased my memories." Damon: "No, I did. She was protecting you." Germ says it wasn't Elena's call to make, and starts off, but Damon grabs his arm and forces him back. Germ: "Let go of me before I cause a scene." That's the best you can do, Germ? Damon agrees with me. "You'd be unconscious before you even got a word out."

Stefan shows up and comes between his lover's brother and his own. "What my brother is trying to say is: don't blame Elena for this. Damon turned Vicki. I killed her. She was a threat to you and your sister. I'm sorry that it happened. I wish that it hadn't." Damon is visibly moved by their discussion. Germ: "You shouldn't have made me forget." He swoops off. Damon isn't the type to stay in any moment that touches him, so he quips: "Good cop, bad cop. I like it." Stefan asks him what he's doing. Damon: "He was being a punk." Stefan says Germ and Elena's relationship is none of Damon's business. Damon: "Oh there's only one do-gooder/hero role available." He laughs. "My bad. I'm sorry." Stefan: "Get over yourself. We both know that you're not doing this for the right reasons." Damon taunts him for his jealousy then asks what the right reasons are. Stefan: "See Damon, it's only real when it comes from your desire to do the right thing -- for nothing in return." Damon folds his arms across his chest. "Right." Stefan continues: "I know that that is an entirely foreign concept to you. I completely understand that. You wouldn't get it." He smirks as he leaves Damon to stew in his own juice. The thing is, Stefan, I think Damon is starting to get it. You wouldn't know that. You didn't see him with Bonnie, but I think he is. And if he wasn't, you've just given him crib notes, and heaven knows the boy is a quick study.

Founders Hall: Sheriff Liz Forbes calls Uncle Snark Daddy's plan what it is -- batshit insane. Once the Mayor leaves them to their argument, John pulls a surefire argument-winning trick out of his ass. He knocks Liz out and handcuffs her to a heating pipe. Commercial.

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