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Locker Room: 'Roid Rage tells Matt that All-Trades is M.I.A. "I think he had too much beer." Matt tells him not to talk to him. "I'm pissed at you. [...] You're a bully. A freakin' 12-year-old bully, man. I'm sick of it. I mean, what was that all about, tonight, huh? What's beating up the new guy going to prove? Or screwing with my sister, or pummeling my girlfriend's kid brother?" 'Roid Rage scoffs. "Girlfriend? Look, I don't know how to tell you this, but she dumped your ass." Matt shoves him against the locker. I break out my pompoms. 'Roid Rage tells Matt, "I'm on your team." Matt's disgusted. "This was over the line -- even for you." He storms out of the locker room and into the parking lot behind the field house -- where he finds All-Trades, lying on the pavement. He screams for someone to help and we travel to...the future!

The animal control vehicle drives up and the officer exits it just in time to see the coroner load All-Trades and his brand new body bag into a van. Cops have cordoned off the area, but the curious and frightened students look on. Bonnie has tears in her eyes, and as she tries to take in the grisly scene before her, she notices the "BLDG 8" sign on the field house, the number 14 on the coroner's van license plate, and All-Trades' bloodstain lingering in parking spot number 22. She gasps for air and tries not to scream. I'd be pissed, too, if my psychic power turned out to be something that could neither prepare me for the future, nor help prevent tragedy. What a rip-off.

Shhh. Here's Matt. He's sitting alone, coming to terms with the coach's death, his falling out with Tyler, his budding friendship with Stefan, his loss of Elena, the messed-up girl who is his sister, and all the pain surrounding him. Poor little muffin. Tyler walks by and glares at him, waiting for recognition that never comes. Ha! Take that.

Jeremy sits on the ground near the bleachers, in the dark, holding something to his head -- a cold beer can, maybe? Vicki finds him there, kneels down, pulls the beer can from his forehead and takes a breath. "It wasn't just for the drugs." Oh, well, Vick, if it wasn't just for the drugs, that makes everything better, right? Germ is still too beat down to say that, so he just looks up at her sadly. She squeezes his arm, rises, and walks away. Have you thought about taking a break from the boys, just for a little bit? Just 'til your neck heals. How about that?

Stefan helps Elena on with her jacket as she wonders what kind of animal could be killing all of these people. "Why would it come out of the woods and attack someone in the middle of town?" Stefan says he doesn't know. He starts to caress her face, but she grabs his hand, looks at it and says how sure she was that he cut his hand. "I saw it." Stefan says, "I'm fine. I'm fine. We're fine. That's what matters." Their foreheads meet as if in agreement and then they embrace. We cut to...

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