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Mossy Manse: When Stefan gets home, he finds Damon snooping in his diary. Damon mocks it (as well he should), assumes the Close-Talker position, and pretends that he supports Stefan's attempt to live a humanesque life. Damon even muses that there might be hope for himself, too, then snickers in his brother's face, and moves on to baiting Stefan about how perky Elena looked in her short-shorts. Finally, he reveals that he has his own cheerleader now, and takes off for his date.

Gilbert House: Bonnie updates Elena on her latest premonitions, including one that's been recurring all day, about the numbers 8, 14 and 22. My quick search doesn't pull up anything remarkable about any August 14, and Elena's no more impressed than Google. Then, without looking, Bonnie tells Elena where Elena can find her serving spoons -- in her own house. Spooky, Mulder. Stefan arrives, so Elena goes to get the door, while Bonnie continues to test herself on her psychic knowledge of Elena's kitchen. She finds the birthday candles right off. Who are the writers trying to fool? Actresses can't age or eat cake. At dinner, Elena tries to encourage conversation, but Bonnie is noticeably rude, until the conversation turns to her witchy lineage. Stefan says there were some Celtic Druids who migrated to the area in the 1800s. Bonnie explains that her family's roots are in Salem. Stefan amps up the charm. "Salem witches are heroic examples of individualism and non-conformity," and Bonnie thaws. Well played, Stefan.

The doorbell rings. It's Caroline, a different scarf, and Damon. She knew about the dinner thanks to Bonnie and brought dessert. Stefan tries to prevent Elena from inviting them (Damon) in, but this week, it seems Elena has grown some manners. After we get a long shot of Damon's feet crossing the Gilbert threshold, Elena gives Stefan a WTF look, but when his brother is around, Stefan only has eyes for him. The talk later turns to football and cheering, and Caroline puts her foot in her mouth about Elena being so blah since her parents died, but to her credit, she immediately tries to make amends. Damon mentions all the losses he and Stefan have suffered, in an attempt to bring the conversation around to Katherine, but Stefan shuts him down. We cut to...

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