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The Mystic Grill: Ty grabs Vicki's ass but she shoos him off, because she's working. Jeremy sits there and mopes, which is a disappointing turn, after the cajones he showed earlier in the episode. Matt takes pity on his ex's little brother and says, "She's my sister and I love her, but... sometimes she can really make you work for it." Jeremy snarls back, "I find it pretty easy." Okay, that's it, Germy. You're on the list. Matt is really sweet, and it seems his worst crime so far on this show is his devotion to your sister and concern for his own. Furthermore, he did not pound you to a pulp after your ungentlemanly revelation last week. Cut the crap, or we'll have Damon suck it out of you. Ew, stop that. Ew. Ew. Ew. You know what I mean. As Germy makes his way out of the restaurant, Tyler shoulder-bumps him, so Germ calls him out on trying to impress Vicki. Tyler states that he doesn't need to; he already won. Germ pushes him. Tyler says, "Now you're dead." Germ replies, "Am I, 'cause it seems like I'm standing here, waiting for you to man up." When Tyler lunges for Germ, our sweet darling Matt holds him back. The boys exchange more next time blah-blahs as Vicki looks on, and is it just me, or did that drama just totally turn her on? Sorry, Matt. You weren't supposed to hear that, although by the way you just asked your sister, "What are you doing, Vick?" I guess it's nothing you hadn't thought of. Matt then storms out and suddenly the Grill is a darker place.

Gilbert House: Damon ends up alone with Elena in the kitchen. He flatters her one second and tries to plant more doubts in her mind about Stefan and Katherine the next. After he reveals that Katherine died in a fire (and that she was beautiful like Elena, but also complicated and seductive), he changes the subject and tries to talk Elena out of cheering. She's seems to be leaning in that direction, but I don't think Damon is putting the whammy on her. After she takes in his words, she abruptly veers back to the earlier topic and says, "I'm sorry." When Damon furrows his brow, she adds, "About Katherine." And Somerhalder works this magic with his face where you just -- for a second -- forget he's playing this whimsical mass murdering pedophile. His eyes -- for just that second -- betray his vulnerability. Before he can reply, Elena says, "You lost her, too." His uncharacteristic silence continues, and the two Share A Moment. They're interrupted by Bonnie, who comes in to offer a hand. Meanwhile, Caroline's giving Stefan the skinny about Elena and Matt's long history together. Stefan's more interested in Caroline's scarf though, and asks her if she'll take it off so he can look at it. She won't, but admits she doesn't know why. "All I know is that I can't take it off." Damon happens to return to the living room just at that moment and tries to get Caroline to go in the kitchen. She smiles up at him. "Does it look like I help in the kitchen?" So, he hypnotizes her into submission. Once she's gone, Stefan chastises Damon. "They are people, Damon. She's not a puppet. She doesn't exist for your amusement -- for you to feed on whenever you want to." When Damon begs to differ, Stefan tells him it's time for him to leave. Damon says that's not a problem -- because now that he's gotten the magical invite, he can come and go and do with Elena as he pleases, "Because that is what is normal to me."

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