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Elena's Bedroom: Elena and Stefan talk about the evening and she tells him Damon isn't as bad as he makes him out to be. He places his finger on her lips and then they kiss. It soon turns passionate, and before you know it, Elena's straddling Stefan and taking off her shirt. I can't believe this show is on at 8:00 PM (7 Central). Stefan moves to take off his shirt, but when it clears his face, Elena is no longer looking down at her new boyfriend. It's Damon who is lying beneath her, looking back up at her. She screams and jumps off him as she backs away and crashes into her bureau. Then she wakes up. She tries to shake off the dream and as she makes her way out of her room, we see the crow perched on her window sill. He's cute and all, but he's no Somerhalder.

Morning At The Gilbert's: Elena exits the shower and looks from her cheerleading uniform, to a photo of herself wearing it. Meanwhile at...

Mossy Manse: Stefan tells his long-suffering diary that he wants to make Damon realize that he still retains some measure of humanity. He also wonders how he can protect Elena. He retrieves a big, funky old box from the shelf, and takes a little funky box out of it, and plays with it as he's lost in thought

Mystic Falls High: The school is preparing for a pep rally and their first game of the season. Stefan shows up in his football jersey, to find Elena in her civvies. She announces she's quit the squad and there's some stilted dialogue about her having suffered a great loss, but we'll skip that, and get right to him giving her the funky little box. Inside is a magical amulet, but Elena doesn't know about the magical part -- she just knows Stefan says he never wanted to give it to anyone before now. They laugh at him joining the football team just as she quits the cheerleading squad, but he pronounces them a work in progress. Jaye Tyler says, "This is my blurb, hello?" We cut to...

Pep Rally; Nighttime: The band plays. The bonfire blazes and burns away a player from the opposing team -- in effigy. And Germ (who yes, will be called that until he makes up with my Matt) -- he hangs on the bleachers and openly pours hooch into the waiting cups of his equally stupid classmates. All-Trades Tanner is like, I can't patrol the stands right now, I have to make a speech. And so he does. He psyches up the Timberwolves by telling them just how profoundly they sucked until they landed Stefan Salvatore. This makes Tyler bitter, so he wanders off and, after speaking to Vicki for but a moment, spies Germ and decides this would be a good time to pick a fight. Vicki tries to stop it, but to no avail. Germ does get in one good punch before Tyler flattens him. But never fear -- Stefan Salvatore and his super-hearing are there in a flash. Matt, Elena and half the pep rally attendees soon follow. Stefan pulls Tyler off of a fallen Jeremy, while yelling, "He's down. Enough." Tyler's got to let his 'roid rage out somewhere, so he sucker-punches Stefan's stomach, which is about as effective as sucker-punching a brick wall. His hand just bounces off. Meanwhile, Germ reaches for his prematurely empty and sadly broken liquor bottle and slashes at anything moving. Too bad for Stefan that it's his hand that gets the worst of it. Matt then tackles Tyler and Elena steps in and tries to talk sense into her now-bleeding brother. As Matt pushes 'Roid Rage away from the scene, Elena goes to check Stefan's hand, but his wound has vanished. There's just a trace of blood smeared across his palm, and he makes a great show of wiping it off on his pants, as he tries to convince Elena it was never his blood. She's not buying it, though. It's almost kick-off time, so he makes his excuses and leaves her standing there looking after him in wonder, all through the COMMERCIAL!

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