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The Writing's On The Wall

Caves: Mason and Damon reach some chamber, but Damon can't get through. It's like a house into which he hasn't been invited. Instead of seeing if an invite works, Mason tells Damon, "I'm not stopping because you're stuck. [...] It looks like you're just going to have to trust me."

Abandoned Mansion: Jeremy runs down the stairs, finds Bonnie and gives her the necklace. Bonnie takes it, turns from him and throws it in the fire. When she starts to chant, Grams appears, grabs her hand and joins her. Jeremy stands back, helpless.

Town: Carol Lockwood wakes from her accident to find Caroline outside her car, fighting off Fast Freddy and his tomb vamp minions. These vampires are at least 150ish years older than Caroline. In this universe, older vampires are stronger. Why can she fight off even one, never mind a group of them? I was willing to accept that she overwhelmed Damon a couple of weeks ago, because she was angrier, but still, there should be limits. Are they no longer vampires now that they're ghosts? If they're not vampires (and if ghost Mason) is no longer a werewolf, why do they seem stronger than humans? Ugh. The mythology is so cloudy here. Dislike. While I've been complaining, Caroline's been busy being superwoman. Only Fast Freddy is left. He throttles her. She struggles. He evaporates, as does the other tomb maybe-vamp who was already unconscious thanks to Vampire Barbie.

Cave: Mason holds up his lantern and looks at the cave walls. Damon asks what he's found. Mason: "It's..." He gets this funny look on his face. He poofs away, and his lantern crashes to the cave floor. Damon: "No, where'd you go. Mason? Mason?"

Torture Emporium: Lexi seems to sense a disturbance in the force, too. She looks down at Stefan and says, "He's still in there, Elena. You just have to break through." Elena says, "It's okay, Lexi. I know what to do, now. You can be free. Lexi smiles at Elena and then tears up as she looks at Stefan. When she looks to the ceiling, she disappears.

Town: Anna is walking down the street. She stops in her tracks when she sees Pearl. "Mama?" Anna runs into Pearl's arms. They cry as they hug, kiss, and disappear. Shut up. I am not crying, too.

Abandoned Mansion: The fire flares and sparks. The necklace is either gone or sort of a collapsed shell of ash. It's hard to tell what I'm looking at, here. Grams tells Bonnie, "You are stronger than all this. I'm so proud of you." She vanishes, leaving Bonnie with tears rolling down her cheeks as Jeremy stands in the background, impotent. Commercial.

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