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You Give Love A Bad Name

Hellmouth. When Jeremy finds Bonnie, she tells him she has to close the veil. He gets it. He just wants to be with Bonnie. He can't say goodbye to Elena again. He left her a letter instead. Oh Germ, once Elijah has written a girl a letter, no one else should even try. Jeremy insists he's ready to leave. Bonnie nods, folds her hands and closes her eyes. We cut to...

Mossy Manse. Alaric is staring out the window. When Damon enters, Ric announces the moon is full and asks where Elena is. Damon says she went to find Jeremy and Bonnie. Under Alaric's gaze, Damon's face struggles against smirking. Finally, he asks, "What?" Alaric smiles. "You got the girl, man." Damon says, "I got the girl," and lets his face relax into a lopsided grin. Ric says, "Now don't screw it up." Damon inclines his head and pours some booze as he says, "Well, with you looking over my shoulder, how can I?" And then Alaric is gone. Noooooooooooooooooooo! We cut to the...

Road. Lexi rides shotgun as Stefan drives off into the night. She suggests New York and Vegas as possible destinations. Lexi tells Stefan it's time to start living his life, but Stefan can't get over the idea that Elena might have been the one. Lexi says, "She was, and she will always be an epic love. Contrary to popular belief, there are actually multiple ones. Especially for a vampire. The only way to find another is to let go and move on." Thank you, Lexi. Really. How does he not know this? And you kids playing along at home? That's true for you, too. I swear. Eyes trained on the road, Stefan says, "I've never been to Portland." When he gets no response, he turns his head toward the passenger seat, only to find it empty. Stefan says, "See ya, Lexi." We cut to the...

MFHS Boiler Room. Elena enters only to be confronted by Kol. He proceeds to beat the stuffing out of her, but before he does any permanent damage, he disappears. Elena rises only to be confronted by Katherine. "Happy graduation, cupcake." As Kiki throws Elena into a wall, we cut to commercial.

Hellmouth. Jeremy watches Bonnie. She finally says, "It's almost closed." Jeremy asks, "So this is it? Because there are a million things I wanted to say to you, but now nothing seems quite right." How about Sorry for cheating on you with my ghost girlfriend, Anna? Bonnie ignores me, tells the Germ not to say anything and then macks on him. The nearby torches extinguish. The would-be lovers' lips part. Jeremy looks at Bonnie and stumbles back a few steps. She watches, waiting, as he gasps for air and finally asks, "What's happening?" Bonnie says, "Oh my God. [...] It worked, Jer. I did a spell that brought you back. I didn't think it would work, but I closed the veil and you're still here." Jeremy catches his breath, even as he says, "Wait. I'm alive?" With tears in her eyes, Bonnie nods. Jeremy goes to her, calling her name. When she grabs his face, Jeremy's smile fades. "I can't feel your hand. What's going on, Bonnie? Why can't I feel you?" Bonnie tells him it's okay, like you do. Jeremy wants to know what she did. Bonnie says, "I have the witches. And my Grams. You can see ghosts. We can talk whenever we want." It finally dawns on Jeremy. He insists Bonnie can't be dead.

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