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You Give Love A Bad Name

Bonnie ignores Jeremy's protests and says, "Do me this one favor. Tell Elena and Caroline that I'm spending the summer with my mom." Don't do it, Germ. He agrees with me and tells Bonnie he can't. "They need to know." Bonnie says that this is the first time in forever that her friends have been okay. She can't take that from them. Bonnie walks away from Jeremy and toward her Grams, then turns back to promise the boy she'll be okay. We cut to...

Lockwood Mansion. Matt opens the door to find Rebekah smiling expectantly. He'd invite her in, but he promised Tyler he'd keep the mansion a "low vampire zone." Rebekah says she knows they made today's plans under duress. She understands if he wants to back out. Matt says, "You and I? This isn't going to work. I need to keep my love life a low vampire zone, too. Okay?" Rebekah says she gets it and turns to leave, but Matt keeps talking. "...So whatever happens on the road stays on the road. All right?" Rebekah turns back to him, expectations leaping from her eyes and practically sacking our QB, yet still, he continues. "That little wedding town in Italy? Don't get any ideas about turning me into a vampire so we can live eternally ever after. You know what I mean? [...] I've never set one foot outside this town. I have no college plans -- no idea what the future holds for me, but I do know that it's time I start truly living. And since you almost killed me this year, I figured it's your obligation to show me how." Aw. Meet me in a...

Sidebar. My daughter hated that scene and thought Matt was being "mean." I've seen comments on the boards along that line, but I'm trying to keep this in perspective. My daughter is an innocent teenager. Rebekah is a thousand year old, not at all innocent teenager. Matty is the innocent, here. While he can't and doesn't want to promise her forever, he does appreciate both what Rebekah has done for him, and how she's trying to change and grow. I think it was really sweet. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. We cut to the...

School Boiler Room. Katherine beats the stuffing out of Elena, bitches about Bonnie failing to deliver immortality and includes some digs about how Elena got things like prom and graduation while she (Kiki) never did. But none of that is important. What is important is how it ends. During a flashback to the scene in which Elena implores Stefan to take the cure, and a heretofore unseen extension in which Stefan refuses it, we realize Elena still has the cure on her. I apologize for not being your action recapper. Back in the present, Elena promptly shoves the cure down Katherine's throat. Katherine gags and passes out. Elena, who had just been staked in the throat with a broken mop handle, and who had just endured her tormentor's hand in her chest, reaching for her heart -- Elena "Fierce" Gilbert -- turns to an unconscious Kiki and says, "Have a nice human life, Katherine." Booyah! We cut to the...

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