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Back on the Hellmouth, Grams tells Bonnie to go. She'll make sure no one finds Bonnie's body. Bonnie knows she needs to tell her friends about her death, but she is loath to do so, since they've been through so much, already. God bless her. She's a saint. Grams tells Bonnie it is important to say her goodbyes. Now, about that...

Sidebar. I recently received a complaint about my sidebars. Which hey -- thanks for reading -- but the reason I put extended commentary in labeled sidebars is so that those of you who just want to read a more or less straight recap of events, can skip blithely ahead and do just that. So go on. Skip. There, now that we're rid of them, let's talk about Bonnie's body... not her physique (which is lovely and enviable), but the fact of how right now she has two bodies. It's weird, right? All the dead supers who have returned are corporeal, so I guess it makes sense, in that if we went to the cemetery and dug up Jeremy's grave, we'd probably see his charred bones. This isn't necessarily a continuity or mythology error, but it's still sort of an oddity. Call me callous and strange, but I want my returned-from-the-dead-dead to claw their way out of their graves. Right now what seems missing is a scene featuring Grams picking up Bonnie's lifeless body, and shoving the girl's living-ness back into it, which admittedly would seriously interfere with the mood of the episode (so win-win). Since Bonnie's original body is still here and lifeless, I don't get why she or any of the returnees are corporeal. I get it in a meta sense. The plot requires that the returnees are a physical threat. I just don't understand the thought behind it. Since this season's mythology has been so tangled, I don't know why I'm objecting to one more noodle on the spaghetti mound. It's just a head-scratching choice.

Now, onto my favorite scene of the episode and possibly the season. Alaric, Jeremy and Elena have a picnic. Okay, it's in the cemetery, which seems demented and sad, but it's still social. Elena laughs as Alaric and the Germ devour burgers and fries. "No grease on the Other Side, huh?" I'm so glad to see Alaric, I don't even care if he's talking with his mouth full. "You have no idea how much I miss this." He pulls out a bottle of booze and says, "Or this." When Elena grabs it, Ric slips into guardian mode, "No. Hey." Oh Alaric, she's been drinking Matt and Roofie Rapists. What's a little booze going to hurt?

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