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You Give Love A Bad Name

Parking Lot. Matt confides in Rebekah that he's still wearing the Gilbert Protect-o Ring, but she doesn't have faith in it. Rebekah is afraid that if she moves Matt and causes the blast, even the ring will blow into a million pieces, and hence it will fail to protect him. I think she's wrong, but I'm so over this show's mythology, I can't be arsed to argue with her. Matt continues his line of reasoning and seems to convince Becky who says, "Okay. The first rule of truly living -- do the thing you're most afraid of." At that, she lays a big, wet smooch on Matt's Pudding Pop lips. He kisses her back, for what it's worth. When they break, Rebekah is standing on the trigger and Matt's feet are on solid ground. He asks what she's doing. Rebekah says, "I can't be killed, and you can't miss graduation. Please go." So, I'm taking it their cram sessions worked, as Matty was concerned he mightn't graduate. Matt refuses to leave at first, so Rebekah begs him to run. Once he does, Xander emerges from a nearby trailer and asks Rebekah what she's done. She says, "I've finally chosen one of the good ones." You go, girl! There's an explosion. We cut to...

Mossy Manse. Elena frets to Stefan about the cure. Stefan reveals Damon hasn't yet even buried Silas's body, so his field trip with Vaughn is just a stall. Elena points out that Damon is still dying of werewolf venom. Stefan says he'll go to New Orleans and personally beg Klaus for some healing blood. At that, Jeremy appears and tells Elena she must attend her graduation. Oh right, that. You know, Plec and Co, if/since you were determined to um... pay homage to so much of the Whedonverse, you should have just gone ahead and centered all the action at graduation. I'm just sayin'... Elena is reluctant, but Jeremy talks her into it. We cut to...

Mystic Falls High School. Exterior. Caroline leaves Klaus a voice mail about how they need his blood to save Damon. What? Did someone compel Caroline? She hates Damon's guts. Matt joins Caroline and Bonnie, who wonders where Elena is. She arrives, all smiles, with Stefan by her side. Elena hugs Bonnie and thanks her for today. Caroline is verklempt that they're all there together. She's even more moved that Bonnie is in tears. Bonnie says, "It's our last hurrah before you guys go off to college." Elena confesses she missed application deadlines on account of being an emotionless bitch. Caroline blathers about how their future is an oyster they can share in a triple dorm room. I had one of those. Once you get in the beds and bureaus, there is no room for shellfish, Care Bear. Everyone smiles. Bonnie glows at the friends to whom she should be saying goodbye. Caroline demands a group hug. Everyone complies. It breaks my heart. We cut to the...

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