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You Give Love A Bad Name

Ceremony. Bonnie's Interim Dad presides. We wait while all our main characters and some fillers' names are called. When her dad calls her name, Bonnie gives him a big hug and thanks him "for everything." Sob. When Elena's name is called, Bonnie claps until Kol leans over her shoulder and says, "Greetings, little witch." Bonnie says she thought Stefan got rid of him. Kol says, "He did. And I spent the night crawling out of a cement grave." He directs Bonnie's attention back a few rows. "Isn't that the witch Caroline killed?" Wait a gosh-darned second. Graduations are carefully choreographed events. No way all these no graduates are seated amongst the senior class. The director ignores me. Next, Kol points out Hybrid Adrian, and blathers about all the incensed supers who are there because they died to create the Expression triangle. Bonnie tells Kol the veil will go back up tonight. Kol doesn't want the veil to go back up. "I want you to drop it completely, so that I, and my former friends, can live, Bonnie. It's time to pay the piper." Bonnie glares us into commercial.

Hellmouth. Bonnie leads Kol to the school basement. While alive, he was against Hell on earth, now he's all in favor of it. He's taken aback when he sees Bonnie's other, original body. She emotes to him about all she's losing and all she'd like to keep. Kol figures they're on the same side now, and moves toward Bonnie, only to find he's been turned into some mime, banging against an invisible wall. I look for a Devil's Trap, before I remember this isn't. Supernatural. Bonnie says he's captive until dark, when the veil goes back up. We cut to the...

Quarry. Damon is taunting Vaughn, until the latter notices Damon's necrotizing wound and figures out Connor must have laced the bullets with werewolf venom. Realizing Damon figures himself dead and therefore led him down the garden path, Vaughn unloads a few more venom-laced bullets into our Evil Pixie Monster. The cure is dangling from a rope tied around Vaughn's neck. He demands to know where Silas is. When Damon doesn't talk, Vaughn shoots him again then asks after Silas's whereabouts. Undead Alaric rides to the rescue, snaps Vaughn's neck and throws him into the water below. Then smiling, Ric turns to Damon and says, "Oops." Damon says, "One slight problem." Alaric raises his hand in the air. From it dangles the cure. "You mean this?" Damon tries to smile, but it's a grimace. We cut to...

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