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Mossy Manse Rooftop. Elena tells Stefan that since the Council members still know who they are, everything is about to change. Stefan says Damon probably already has a plan for revenge. They'll figure out a way to deal with it. Elena doesn't expect him to, but Stefan wishes he could tell her everything will always be okay. He talks about something being the worst thing she'll ever go through and I'm not sure if he's talking about craving blood, or just vampirism, in general. Whichever he means, Elena seems to understand the drawbacks, but is glad that she can still continue to be a sister and a friend. "And I'll be with you. Forever... if I want." Stefan smiles at that, and the two kiss tenderly. Elena: "I'm gonna get through this, just like we get through everything -- one day at a time. We should get inside, before sunrise." It's then that Stefan presents Elena with her own lapis lazuli daywalker ring. "Bonnie made this for you yesterday." Because even she knew her spell wasn't going to work. Sheeesh. Elena is pleased by this. Stefan slips the ring on her finger and says, "One day at a time, right?" They kiss again, just briefly. Elena lays her head on Stefan's shoulder and together they watch another day dawn.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. It's full daylight, now. Inside the Pastor updates his minions or the reformed Council, or whomever this group of unrecognizables is supposed to be. We watch as he unhooks the gas hose from back of his stove, but no one in the kitchen seems to notice. Rev: "Folks, by now, you know the vampires have escaped." Someone hands out sprigs of vervain. Rev: "It won't be long before they retaliate against us." He bolts the door. "But fear not, for I have been chosen to lead us in a movement." Guy-With-A-Clue: "What are you talking about?" Rev: "Hear me, loved ones. Soon, we'll be free to pass through the gates." He pulls a cigarette lighter out of his pocket. "And we'll all reunite in eternity." Guy-With-A-Clue: "Seriously, Pastor, what's going on, here?" Rev flips open the lighter lid. "Friends, we are the beginning." People scream. The flames meet the gas which has managed to build up in the room in mere seconds, and KABOOM! Title card.

I've tried not to rethink this episode too much, because I know it's setting up the whole season, and at least where the last scene was concerned, I might have been getting ahead of myself when I wrote the recaplet. In retrospect, I suppose the Pastor could have taken himself and his minions to Kingdom Come, so that it would look like the Vampires did it. Still, I'm sad the show had him be such a one-dimensional character. It's an easy out: narrow minded pastor with a mission. I didn't like him either, but so why did we even have him in the first place? I've seen people wondering if Damon compelled the pastor to do this, but that guy was surely taking his vervain, so it would be sloppy if that's the case. So far, he's just another offensive stereotype, who complicated things just enough, so that there'd be some action. And now he's gone, so there's no chance to tell the story from the side of that particular scared human in a town crawling with vampires. At this point, I'm hoping he killed himself and his minions to set up the vampires, because otherwise, what a waste of my time, patience and goodwill.

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