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Have You Heard Of Switches?

Up in her room, Elena is in transition and everything is bothering her -- her head, her teeth, her...lamp. When Jeremy appears at her doorway, it seems to soothe her at least momentarily. He asks if she's okay and reminds how her difficult transition was on Vicki. The lamp starts bothering Elena again -- so much so, I keep waiting for Dean and Sam Winchester to appear and explain how it's a ghost or something, but no, it's just Elena freaking out. She pretends she's fine but Jeremy calls her bluff. Elena snaps at him, but then apologizes and asks if he's talked to Bonnie.

Jeremy says Bonnie's going to try to make a plea to the witch-spirits that brought him back. When Elena raises her concerns about the consequences, Jeremy pooh poohs that there are no consequences more horrible than Elena becoming a vampire. Since that's not entirely true and these kids have seen worse, firsthand, I am pretty sure that's a line meant to service the fans who are entirely against this development. Me? I'm not against it. In theory I'm for it, but in practice, I'm agnostic. All I want is a good story. If vamping Elena adds to the overall story, then go for it, gang.

Elena tells Jeremy they'll find a way out of this and that everything will be okay. He says that he hopes so, then heads downstairs. It's then that the evil lamp ramps up its psychic attack on Elena. So does she shut it off? No. TRANSITION IS LIKE EVEN WORSE THAN PMS. She whips off the lampshade and crushes the burning bulb with her bare hands. Oh my word. If she's this melodramatic as a full-blown vamp. I'll stake her myself. Use the frigging light switch, Elena. Problem solved.

Sidebar which spoils the rest of this episode (no future spoilers): I sort of hate that crushing-the-bulb moment because it undercuts Elena's earlier reluctance to become a vampire, which is a problem throughout the episode. It's all about the discomfort of transition, the threat of being locked up without blood and whatnot. I think they missed the real story. This little girl (excuse me, but in show terms, she's still just 18; my eldest child is a high School junior; she's a little girl to me) wants to grow up and live a normal life. Sure, palling around with vampires and the like makes normalcy harder, but what's made it harder still is the fact that she's a doppelgänger, through no choice or fault of her own. She was always going to attract the supernatural.

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