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Hospital. A Reverend Young (Michael Reilly Burke, see Vegas and Revenge) confronts Dr. Meredith Fell in the hallway. He's not there to get his blood pressure checked. He and his minions are there on Council Orders to secure the blood bank and sweep the rooms for vamps, among other things. He brags that unlike some people from founding families, he has no conflicting interests, and adds that since Alaric told the Council everything, Mere had better start looking for a new job.

Sidebar: Or...what, exactly? Is the Council going to tell the Virginia State licensing board that Meredith uses vampire blood to heal people? That ought to go over well. Don't even get me started on Young being a minister. I'll either rave about that later, or just try to block it out. I haven't decided yet.

Matt's hospital room. As Matt dresses and gets ready to check out, he vents to Caroline that it's all his fault Elena is going to be a vampire. How, exactly, Pudding Pop? I mean, yeah, you were driving, but you swerved to avoid Rebekah. Stefan saved you first, but you were unconscious, while the very conscious Elena probably had time to unbuckle hear seatbelt. Blame pretty much everyone except yourself. He doesn't listen. Caroline asks Matt to shush up the vampire talk since she's a fugitive. When Matt asks why she's still there, Caroline breaks down. Tyler's dead and she doesn't have anywhere to go. Matt hugs her, but then there's a knock on the door. Caroline whooshes out of view. It's one of Rev. Young's minions, just sweeping the rooms. Thankfully, he doesn't see our vampire Barbie. We cut to...

Mayoral Manse. The Rev moves fast. He's there, overseeing his minions as they cuff Carol and cart her out. When he says he's there to ask a few questions about Tyler, Carol non-sequiturs that they can't arrest her, since she's Mayor. Oh honey, since when can't we arrest politicians? It's our last defense, baby girl. The Rev doesn't even entertain her objection beyond pointing out that she's been removed from office.

Outside, when Liz arrives, the Mayor tells her she's out of a job too. She's not fit to protect them, so Rev has taken over her deputies, confiscated all the vervain in town, and they'll be taking Liz's badge, thank you very much. Liz: "You have no idea what you're up against." Rev begs to differ. "We're making our move."

Fortress Forbes. Caroline is throwing a few things together when Liz calls to warn her about Rev. Young and the new Council. Caroline pretends like she's already out of town, but when she opens the front door, one of the minions injects vervain right into her neck. Caroline drops her phone in the struggle. Liz yells out, "What's going on?" Before Caroline can shout anything useful, she passes out. Commercial.

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