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Gilbert Gables Kitchen. Stefan makes Elena a sandwich but she can't choke it down. Stefan asks her if it's disgusting. Elena tries to lie, but admits she wants to puke and then confesses she can't stop thinking about blood. Question: Does food nauseate vampires on this show? I remember Stefan cooking for Elena. I can't remember if they eat. Is the sandwich disgusting because she's becoming a vamp, or is it only disgusting because she's still in a state of transition?

Anyhow, Stefan keeps second guessing his actions, but Elena reminds him he did the right thing -- he respected her choice. When he asks what will happen if Bonnie can't help her, Elena says they'll cross that bridge when they come to it. Get it? Bridge? Like where her parents died. Like where she and Stefan were heading when he THREW OUT HER CELL PHONE. Like the thing off of which she and Matt crashed. Because transition makes you irrational, IRRATIONAL, DO YOU GET IT, Elena cracks up -- with laughter. Nina Dobrev does fine with what she's given, here. I just don't care for that which she has been given. Stefan exposits bout heightened emotions. Elena cackles herself right into tears. Stefan hugs her and then sends her back to her room, where it's darker, since she crushed that evil lightbulb and all.

Upstairs, Elena (who is fully dressed in her typical Henley and jeans) spies Damon sitting on her window seat, so she says, "I thought you left." Damon doesn't look at her and non-sequiturs, "Cute PJs." We realize, before Elena does, that she's recovering some of the memories that that Damon had compelled her to forget. She feels like a third person in her otherwise empty room as she watches memory-Damon tell her memory-self that he's selfish for needing to tell her that he loves her, but loves her he does. It's because he loves her that he can't be selfish with her beyond this moment. He knows he doesn't deserve her, and says Stefan does. He kisses her on the forehead, then, as a single, perfect, manly tear escapes, he compels her to forget. Current day Elena snaps out of it and realizes what's just happened.

Klaus Haus. Rebekah is looking at Klaus's etchings and having a mini-tantrum, when Damon comes in. She tells him he shouldn't sneak up on a lady. Damon: "Good advice." A beat. "Have you seen one?" I saw that line coming a mile away, but I still enjoy it. Rebekah rubs it in about Elena's death (which she currently thinks is a regular mortal death). Damon, armed with Alaric's Perma-Son-of-White-Oak stake charges at Becky but she holds him off until arrows start flying through the windows, then he just Stealth-Salvatores out of there. Rebekah is struck in the heart and falls to the floor, unconscious. I'm pretty sure Damon leaves behind Perma-Son-of-White-Oak stake. Pity that.

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