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Gilbert Gables. Elena's feeling all her feelings when she hears a commotion downstairs. Descending, she sees Stefan surrounded by the Rev and his minions. All are armed. Stefan orders her not to move. We cut to...

Lockwood Ruins. KiT is sitting on the casket that houses his original corpse, when Tyler's cell phone ring. KiT mutters, "Oh, you incessant woman," and then picks up the phone and puts on his cheeriest Tyler voice. "Hey mom, what's up?" Carol tells him that the Rev had her arrested and that the Council grilled her on his whereabouts. She doesn't want to know where he is. KiT lies that he's okay. Carol informs him that the Council took Caroline. Clearly, Klaus isn't over all his OMGCAROLINEPONIES feelings. We cut to...

The road. Caroline and Rebekah are bound with vervain ropes in the back of a police van. Once Rebekah comes to, there's a horrific crash. The van flips on its side. Soon it's KiT to the rescue. Caroline can't believe her eyes and shouldn't. "Tyler? [...] You're alive! How are you alive?" KiT gets Caroline out and tells her they have to run. Rebekah sings her usual song: "What about me?" KiT peeks back inside the van. "Keep 'em busy, little sister." Oh Klaus, she's so gonna kill you.

Gilbert Gables. Damon is tidying up when Liz arrives, and Mere comes out of the kitchen. Everyone compares notes on Rev, the new Council, and their missing loved ones. All they know is that Caroline managed to escape. Just then, Matt shows up looking for Elena. Because this is still The Vampire Diaries and Damon is still Damon, he throttles our Pudding Pop and pushes him up against a wall. "In what world are you the one that gets to live?" Mere and Liz talk Damon down just enough that he releases Matt.

Rev's Ranch: Yeah, the Reverend is a rancher and a pastor. I already hit that in the recaplet. Rev still thinks Elena is human (and apparently she used to babysit his daughter, and read her original short stories to the little girl), so Elena is trying to play it cool and figure out what she can, but EVERYTHING IS BOTHERING HER BECAUSE TRANSITIONING MAKES YOU TENSE. I mean, seriously, that is the overriding emotion of this episode. What a shame. The clock bothers her. The lit stove burner bothers her. The steak the Rev has cooked up for her bothers her. The Rev blahs about how the Gilbert parents insisted, years ago, upon a Council contingency plan. Elena asks where Stefan is. When the Rev says he's where he can't hurt Elena, she replies, "He would never hurt me. You don't know what you're talking about." I won't go through old recaps and remind her of the times he hurt her very much, because TRANSITIONING IS LIKE SO HARD, MAN. The Rev's plan is to use Elena and Stefan as Damon bait, and Rebekah as Original bait, and then they'll wipe out the vampire race. No fuss. No muss. No problem. Good luck with that, Rev. When the host with the most plops a slab of beef in front of Elena, she is overwhelmed by the clock ticking, the pulse in Rev's throat, the tea kettle whistle and she bolts outside.

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