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Because she's not fully a vampire, she can be out in the sun without burning up, but it bothers her JUST LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE DOES UP TO AND INCLUDING THAT STUPID LAMP. While shielding her eyes from the sun, one of the minions intercepts Elena. The last thing she sees is his fist traveling toward her pretty face. Commercial.

Woods. Caroline is so excited to see "Tyler" that even though they're on the run for their very unlives, she thinks it's a perfectly cromulent time to rip off their clothes and have sex. This makes me a little sad. I'm not sad that she's a sexual character. I'm not sad that she's mistaking KiT for Tyler. I'm not trying to slut shame. I'm just sad that there's been so little romance for this girl. Damon compelled her to be his chew toy/sex slave. She and Matt had a little romance, but not for long. She and Tyler's friendship moments have been pretty deep, in the past, but more often than not, their alone time is a race to rip of their clothes.

Oh, look, this turned into a Sidebar: Since the beginning of the series, it's been all let's get Caroline in her underthings as often as possible, whether it makes sense to the moment or not. This girl should be scared out of her wits. She should be (and is) glad to see "Tyler" alive, but vampire emotions or not, I find it hard to believe she thinks this is the time for a playful romp in the woods, and if she does, then I'm sad to see her return to this frivolous form, particularly while the whole town is exploding, her best friend is turning into a vampire, and there are people out to kill her, her boyfriend, and so many of their loved ones. Caroline is awesome. Please don't make her romances so one-dimensional.

Anyhow, since this is KiT, not Tyler, he lets her kiss him for a bit, but tries to demur from having sex. He hints that he's not in his true body and even calls her love at one point. Soon enough Caroline realizes this isn't Tyler at all. She smacks KiT, soon after he taunts her about being a glorious kisser. KiT reminds her that he didn't have to risk exposure to save her from the Council, but Caroline's mostly concerned with sanitizing her mouth. Hee. KiT's banter is amusing enough, but I can't help but feel that the main point of this scene was to objectify the actors' admittedly lovely bodies and blah.

Which-House-Witch-House. Bonnie's chanting while Jeremy looks on, just glad to be back on the show. The Witch Spirits don't want to play with Bonnie anymore, so she suggests there's something else she can try. She proposes going to the other side and bringing Elena back, herself. She'll stop her own heart, the way she stopped Jeremy's. Since witches have free rein on the other side, she can get whatever part of Elena is over there and bring it back. After all, she has a new source of power. Jeremy demands to know what she means, but Bonnie doesn't explain. I forget, so I go back and watch the last handful of episode from Season 3 before I remember. The magic Abby used to desiccate Mikael and Bonnie used to desiccate Klaus is dark magic, not pure like Bonnie's earth-given magic. You're welcome. Jeremy is not high on this idea, but he has no answer when Bonnie asks, "Do you want Elena back, or not?"

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