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Veni, Vidi, Vicki
fight right before the party. Matt says he got into it with Vicki, too. Elena's surprised that she's there. Matt says, "Yeah, you can't miss her. She's a vampire." Oh, Vicki. Let's hope being a long-lived vampire doesn't require a lot of imagination. Elena takes off to find Vicki, who is walking through the party tormented by all the lovely young necks at her disposal. She walks into some side room, only to be found by Stefan who lectures her about how crowds will make her feel out of control. He explains the intricacies of her hunger and that she must come to terms with how much control it now has over her. Great. Now I want cookies. Thanks a lot, Stefan.

The Grill: Damon and Mulva continue their conversation. She wants enough Vervain for her, the Mayor, their kids, and everyone on the Council. Damon wonders how many that is, but Mulva says, "Zach knows how many." She guzzles her drink and laughs that her husband is going to be unhappy with her for being late. Damon smiles. "Well, are you happy with your husband?" They both cop to flirting and he offers to escort her to the school. "It's not safe out there, alone." He leans in conspiratorially, but smiles as he adds, "I mean, I've seen ten vampires tonight." Mulva giggles. "Well, if only the real ones were as easy to find." Damon asks how the search is going. Mulva explains that by having the Founders' Party, they were able to eliminate as a suspect anyone who arrived during the day, and so far, the rest have been dead ends. Damon smiles. They rise to leave and we jump to...

Mystic Falls High School; Interior: Elena is still looking for Vicki and/or Germ. She's relieved to find Stefan leading Vicki by the arm and explains she lost track of her brother. Before they can talk more, Matt joins them. Vicki takes a moment to do the math, which must be why she's wearing toeless boots. She then turns on Stefan. "I told you to quit bothering me." Elena tries to stop her, but Vicki whines to Pudding Pop that Stefan won't leave her alone. Matt tells Stefan to back off. Elena tells Matt it's okay, but he won't listen as he asks Stefan, "What the hell is your problem?" His, "You want my girlfriend and my sister" remains unspoken for the nonce. In all the kerfuffle, Vicki whooshes out of there. Elena calls this to Stefan's attention, then takes off after Vicki. When Stefan goes to follow her, Matt grabs him, but Stefan pushes Matt against the wall and says, "I'm trying to help her." Matt, although still visibly annoyed, seems to finally get it. Stefan disappears. Matt rights his shirt and goes in the other direction.

Jeremy wanders into the "Druid Room" in the Haunted House section (hmmm, wonder if that means anything) of the party when Vicki finds him and pulls him into what looks to be a web. Nice shooting, crew. He exclaims that she scared the hell out of him, but once she apologizes, they kiss, and she leads him off into the dark. Commercial.

Mystic Falls High School; Exterior: Damon approaches Bonnie who's standing at a caldron. He asks about Caroline, but Bonnie snarls for him to stay away from her. Then he notices his super seekrit amber crystal. When she says she got it from Caroline, Damon tells Bonnie he wants it back. Bonnie says she'll give it to Caroline who can decide what to do with it. Damon says, "Or, I could just take it right now." When he grabs it, it glows and burns his hand. He exhales and looks at Bonnie. She stares at him for a second, then runs away. Smart girl. Damon looks down at his wounded paw and we cut to...

Party; Interior: Elena makes her way through the confusion of the haunted house in search of Vicki and/or Jeremy. Meanwhile, Vicki leads Germ outside to the school bus bay. They find a cozy spot between two buses, and...buss. Inside, Stefan activates his super vamp bionic hearing while Elena calls out for Jeremy. Back outside, Jeremy tells Vicki how he's been so worried about her. Vicki says, "I'm fine now, but I've gotta leave." She's gotta get out of this place. When Germ tells her she can't, she tells him, "If you come with me, we can be together forever." Jeremy nods. "Okay. Yeah." They continue to kiss. Elena's frantic search continues past people eating spaghetti out of some guy's guts. But don't worry. It will take a lot more than that to put me off my pasta.

Back outside, the kissing intensifies, until finally, Vicki bites Jeremy's lip. He cries out in pain then jokes that she's taking her costume a bit too far. She puts her finger up to his lip, and then sucks the blood off it. Next, she licks his face from chin to philtrum, which is sexy in theory, but in the scene it comes off more like being licked by a cow, I'm afraid. The tongue should have been pointier, I think, yeah? Jeremy's less bothered by appearances then I am, and more into the kissing, until Vicki latches onto his lip like a newborn to a nipple. He yells at her before she breaks their clinch. When they separate, he can see that she's vamped out. "Oh my God, Vicki." She starts to growl as she speeds toward him. He begs her to stop. Elena runs out the door, hears his cries, grabs a conveniently placed two by four from the prop man's ass, and screams, "Vicki, NO!" Vicki shoves Jeremy (lust) aside for Elena (anger). Elena clocks her but good with the wood, but it does nothing. Vicki grabs Elena and throws her high in the air. She lands in a pile of rubbish that includes a section of a picket fence -- foreshadowing which does not bode well for Vicki, I'm afraid. Her face contorted, Elena rises gingerly to her feet, as Jeremy slides along the bus's side toward the action. Just then, Stefan swoops in and grabs Vicki. Elena and Jeremy approach; he calls out, "VICKI!" And then? Vicki disappears. They look for her for a moment, and then Stefan advises Elena and Jeremy to go inside. As Stefan looks under the buses, the siblings run to the door, and Elena makes it in, but Vicki grabs Germ and throws him down. As he falls, he brings down a barrel full of wood scraps. Elena turns back. Vicki grabs her and sinks her teeth into Elena's...shoulder? Really? Huh. N00b. As they struggle, a large wooden stake impales Vicki from behind. Oh, poor Jeremy. That must have been so hard for him. Wait. It was Stefan. Why does it feel like it should have been Jeremy?

Anyhow, Vicki goes pale. Her veins and other vamp signs disappear. Stefan pulls out the stake. Did it hit her heart? Elena and Stefan stare at one another. Vicki gasps. Jeremy, who is still down on the pavement, calls out to her. She turns to him and her face seems to start to...melt. Stefan hustles Jeremy away as Vicki falls to the ground. Her chest is but bones covered in flesh, now. Elena looks on in horror as Vicki begins to decompose before their eyes. Jeremy's screams carry us to commercial. After the break, Elena holds onto her bloody shoulder as she orders Stefan to get Jeremy out of there. While Stefan escorts Jeremy home, he calls Damon for help.

Second-Sight Shack: When Bonnie returns home, Grams demands to know where she got the amber crystal. When Bonnie declares it a piece of junk, Grams explains that it belonged to one of the most powerful witches of their line. She grabs a book from a high shelf and shows Bonnie a picture of her great great great great grandmother, "Emily Bennett" dated 1864. Grams looks at the picture. "And there's your necklace."

A battered and bloody Elena waits with Vicki's decaying corpse until Damon arrives to clean up the scene. He tells her she should go -- he's got this. She's furious and blames this all on Damon, who tells her, "You confuse me for someone with remorse." Elena attacks him, but it does no good. He grabs her arm, and while she writhes in pain he says, "None of this matters to me. None of it." Elena says, "People die around you." Damon gets points for not replying, "Duh. Vampire." She continues: "It matters and you know it," and then slaps his face -- which does have some impact. He stares at her as she seethes, and then narrows his eyes. "Mmmm." He takes a big whiff. "You need to leave. Your wounds are bleeding. And you. Need. T

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