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Previously on The Vampire Diaries, the Originals so overwhelm the show, that even though I'd watch them in their own series, I decide I am more than ready for them to be Son-of-White-Oak staked, daggered, magicked into a tomb or ridden out of Mystic Falls on the proverbial-yet-literal rail. Whatever. I am not fussy. Also, Ric is a psycho killer. When an Original dies, every vampire in his bloodline follows suit. Evilaric hides the last known Son of White Oak stake. Stefan loves Elena. Damon loves Elena. Elena loves Stefan. Elena loves Damon too, but refuses to admit it. Stefan loves Damon. Damon loves Stefan. Stefan hates Stefan. Damon loves Damon. Rebekah loves Rebekah and hates everyone who doesn't immediately love Rebekah. Klaus loves Caroline. Caroline loves Tyler. Tyler loves Caroline. Tyler loves Klaus. Nobody loves Matt. Bonnie's story plays so far on the sidelines that she might as well be benched.

Currently on The Vampire Diaries: Alaric is locked in the dungeon at Mossy Manse. Elena visits. She brings him some toiletries, as well as some boring reading material to help him sleep. Alaric looks at one of the books. "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?" Elena's all, "What? No... no... Damon! He thinks he's hilarious." Only 'cause he is, E. Only 'cause he is. Our Lady of Compassionate Yet Questionable Judgment suggests that Alaric doesn't have to be locked up in the dungeon, but Alaric knows better. He needs to hang there until his psycho killer alter-ego coughs up the last Son of White Oak stake. He wonders what Klaus will do if they can't find it. Elena says, "Well, it's the only thing that can kill him, so... wage war, murder people -- you know, Klaus stuff."

Elena changes the subject. Stefan is going to watch over Ric for a while. Now that Kol and Klaus know Jeremy is in Denver, he is no longer safe, so she and Damon are headed out to bring him home. Alaric knows Elena is waiting for him to disapprove of her choice in traveling companions. Elena figures he must have something to say about her traveling cross country together with Damon. Alaric says he's more curious about what Stefan thinks. Elena admits it was Stefan's idea. "He thinks that I have some unresolved feelings for Damon." Ric asks if she does. Elena starts to shake her head, then almost nods instead. Once she stops bobbling, she says, "I guess that's why I'm going on this trip -- so I can figure it out." Time for a sidebar.

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